SPIbelt for SXSW and other Festivals

sxsw-post-347x270 If you’re looking for something exciting to do during spring break in Austin, look no further than SXSW. This giant festival is chock-full of musical guests, interactive panels, and highly-anticipated film premieres. As exciting as SXSW can be; however, keeping your schedule organized can be stressful. Who wouldn’t get overwhelmed by all of the variety this giant festival has to offer?

SXSW-post2The last thing you need to do is worry about something trivial like losing your cellphone or event map. So why not make keeping track of all your festival essentials a little easier with a SPIbelt?

Carrying a heavy backpack or purse all day can be rough on your back and shoulders. Luckily the Large Pocket SPIbelt expands to 8″” x 4″” x 2″”, which is big enough for holding schedules, storing your phone, and keeping track of other necessities like your wallet and keys. The lightweight design of a SPIbelt makes it easy for you to hold onto all the items required to make your festival experience run as smoothly as possible without weighing you down!