SPIbelt In Sports: A Great Golf Accessory

This is not the PGA Tour. We are not professional golfers. But there’s pride on the line, and for one golfer – redemption. And with the help of a discreet golf accessory – an Original SPIbelt – anything is possible.

The Where

It’s a chilly morning in Texas. The small 9-hole course is clear of weekend golfers (thanks to the less-than-pleasant weather for most Texans), quiet, and the grass is holding despite the colder days. The course could rank as the middle brother of golf world; it’s not quite a putt-putt game, but not quite the bigger, 18-hole brother. But it’s centrally located, easy to play, and has its challenges – especially for the weekend golfer. It’s perfect for some friendly competition on a Sunday morning.

The Who

The place is relatively empty, save for four brave individuals looking to get some fresh air. My friend DB arrives, smiling ear to ear and ready to extend his record of 3-0 to 4-0. I’m not happy about that fact, but I feel this is the time I’ll walk away victorious. We have a relatively equal game, however, I tend to choke at critical moments. But this time I have a secret weapon this time.

The What

Unbeknownst to DB, my Original SPIbelt is holding all of my golf balls and other accouterments, freeing my pockets – and hopefully my swing – of clumsy awkwardness. I have it tucked right at my belt line, right under my hoodie so he couldn’t see my new setup. A SPIbelt helps keep a divot repair tool, ball marker, and a few favorite golf balls tucked away securely on the waist, allowing a little less distraction during my swing. It’s a great golf accessory for anyone not looking to lug their entire bag around for a short game with friends.

The Outcome

Although the course only has nine holes, our standard game is two rounds – in essence, a shorter 18 hole game. I’m playing particularly well for the day, staying short of (or dancing on) the green for most, and my putting keeps him at bay. It seems my SPIbelt is improving my game just enough to hold him off. I have DB by two strokes going through 16 holes, and then in comes Mr. Three Putt. Now we’re back to even heading to the end. With a lucky putt to stay even on 18, we head into sudden death – one hole, closest to the pin playoff on the first hole.

DB drops a well-placed tee shot onto the green, about 5 feet from the cup – plenty of room for me to squeeze in. Needless to say, I threw my first shot way too far, sailing just off the back side of the green, giving him the win. But being the good sport he is, he provides me the opportunity for one final “home rule” equalizer: I have one attempt to sink the shot to win. The chip goes up, rolls beautifully, looks as if it’s headed for the cup…

And it stops a literal inch from falling in. I lose. But I applaud DB for offering me the opportunity, and he stares gobsmacked that my shot didn’t drop. Don’t worry though, I’ll be back with my SPIbelt golf accessory and will beat him next time!