SPIbelt’s New Line of Pro Belts is Perfect for Your Next Adventure

What is the SPIbelt Pro Collection?

SPIbelt running belts make running and other fitness activities more convenient by holding your small, personal items during exercise. SPIbelt’s range of products includes a line of Pro belts designed for high-performance activities. Each of the four belts in this collection (the Distance Pro, the Performance Pro, the SPIbelt Pro, and the Dual Pocket Pro) has spacious pockets associated with SPIbelt along with a 1.5" wide elastic band that increases comfort and durability. Furthermore, the Pro belt collection has a lot of variety; each belt has unique features and can be used in activities outside of running. See the details and how a SPIbelt Pro belt can fit into your next adventure below.

The SPIbelt Pro

If you are eager to travel this summer, let's start by saying any SPIbelt would be a welcome addition while traveling to and from your destination via plane, train, or automobile. Specifically, the SPIbelt Pro has space large enough to hold any size phone and pockets that make reaching travel essentials like identification, boarding pass, and phone a breeze. Furthermore, the SPIbelt Pro, like all SPIbelts, comes in our top three colorways Black, Anthracite, and Rave.

The SPIbelt Dual Pocket Pro

But when it comes to storage capacity, the SPIbelt Dual Pocket Pro, which features two pockets, is made for the job - and for traveling, vacations, and adventures of all sorts. One pocket can hold items that you need to have at all times, while the other holds snacks or keepsakes you pick up along the way. So, if you travel heavy or just need a little more room to hold or compartmentalize your items and don't want to be weighed down by a huge purse or backpack, try the SPIbelt Dual Pocket Pro

The Performance Pro

If your summer activities include adventures during the rainy season or hiking to waterfall locations like Hawaii, you'll want to bring along the Performance Pro. Its pocket and zipper consist of a water-resistant material that keeps personal items away from moisture. Take this belt with you while out on the water jet skiing or fishing.

The Distance Pro Hydration Belt

The most multifunctional belt of the Pro belt collection is the Distance Pro hydration belt. It combines the best-selling SPI H20 Companion bottles and the Performance Pro. Whenever you plan a long activity like mountain biking or trail running through the Appalachian trail or camping at the Grand Canyon, you will want to bring this belt along. The combined features of this belt maximize your hydration and comfort. Also, the two water bottles are refillable and can move along the comfortable and durable 1.5" wide band.

Time for Summertime Adventures

It's summer, the season to get outdoors and travel. Whether it's a weeklong trip or weekend get-a-away, the SPIbelt Pro collection has just the right belt for any adventure. Let’s Go!