T1D and Running

I’m Basma and I have had type one diabetes for almost 19 years now. Diabetes comes with its fair share of learning curves. Since my diagnosis, I have learned a lot about how it plays into different parts of my life and how I can manage it in these situations!

I’ve learned so much about how diabetes affects exercise in my journey, and my workouts and run require lots of planning. I got into running a few years ago and my SPIbelts have allowed me to have a great run while comfortably taking care of my diabetes.

Before going on a run, I check my blood sugar, make sure I’ve eaten, bring snacks in case my blood sugar drops, and I always bring water with me.

During my runs, I check my Dexcom app to see where my blood sugar trends are heading. I wear a continuous glucose monitor that checks my blood sugar every 5 minutes that connects to my phone and my watch. I stay hydrated and make sure I don’t spike up due to adrenaline, or drop too low from all of that activity! Afterwards, I refuel with some carbs and protein.

I will admit that diabetes is hard. This struggle has taught me so much about who I am and has showed me what I am capable of. Each day presents me with a new lesson that I can grow from. I’m so thankful to SPIbelt for introducing me to running and allowing me to feel comfortable in a new hobby.

Here’s to more challenging runs and great blood sugar readings!