The SPIbelt Guy and the Road to Recovery with RunLab

Hi! My name is Bobby and I’m The SPIbelt Guy. You may have seen me at different race expos around the country repping SPIbelt or on some of our product tags (I know, I’m famous). Saying that I’m passionate about running is an understatement. I’ve run 26 marathons and wasn’t planning on stopping until I got severely injured last year. Here’s the story of my road to recovery with the help of my friends at RunLab, a sports medicine and performance clinic for runners here in Austin.

I’m not sure how I first got injured but I noticed that there was a pain in my knee. I was starting to compensate walking upstairs. but the idiot runner I am I just kept going. It hurt but not enough to slow me down. So I kept running. And then I got to a point where going up stairs was just not fun. I felt like an old man and that’s when I knew something was wrong.

gif I went from running 30 – 40 miles a week last year to running 50 miles total in 2015. I thought my body would heal itself but that hasn’t been the case. So I went to the doctor and he told me to take time off and I’d be back in no time. As a person who loves to run it was driving me absolutely bananas.

gif2-2I wasn’t back in no time and I’ve been inured a year now. I finally took the first step to talk to RunLab who works with runners, endurance runners, and triathletes. I’m all of the above RunLab analyzed my gait and is helping me heal my body, fix incorrect running postures, and stop me from getting injured again. Over the next few months they’re going to get me back on track and the ultimate goal is to have me running the Austin Marathon in February!

Follow my progress on The SPIbelt Guy Facebook page and check out RunLab if you’re a runner in Austin — injured or not!