Summer Running

Tips for Summertime Running

Running in the summer can be hot, draining and sometimes straight up miserable. Here are some tips to make your summer running more enjoyable:

  • Get up early!
    It can be hard to get to sleep early, but it’s definitely worth it. You can enjoy cooler temperatures and you won’t get as much intense sun exposure. Watching the sunrise is an added perk!
  • Find shade.
    If your schedule doesn’t allow you to run in the morning (or you simply can’t get yourself out of bed), make sure to find a shady trail or path to run on. Shade coverage can drastically decrease the temperature and protect you from intense sunlight.
  • Protect your skin.
    Remember to wear sunscreen all over your body (don’t forget your lips and ears). Sweat-proof helps too! Wear a breathable light fabric hat or visor, and polarized sunglasses to cover your face and eyes.
  • Stay hydrated.
    Carry water with you, and know where water fountains are located. Our SPI H2O Companion water bottle is an easy hydration solution for running. It easily clips onto any SPIbelt, and its 8oz size holds the perfect amount of water.
  • Wear anti-blister socks.
    Summer runs can be extra hot and sweaty. Wear thin technical fabric socks, like polyester and nylon that are seamless. This way, moisture is less likely to be captured and held by your sock and you are less likely to get blisters when there aren’t bumpy seams.