Tips On Running In The Rain

Rain or shine, runners love to run even when it's wet outside. Raindrops do not stop avid runners. In fact, some runners claim to run better in the rain.

It is okay to run when it rains. However, take precautions when running in wet weather, and follow a few tips to be as comfortable and safe as possible. 

Keep reading below to find out more. 

  • Keep Your Eyes Dry

  • You will get wet when running in the rain; that is not the issue. But be sure to keep your eyes dry. Moist eyes are not only uncomfortable, but they can also affect visibility which can lead to missteps or worse. Therefore, wear a brimmed hat like a baseball cap when running in the rain to keep droplets from dripping into your eyes and slowing you down. 

  • Stay Visible

  • You will not only want to be sure that you can see, but you will want to ensure that others, especially drivers, see you too. Visibility tends to be lower during rain showers; therefore, wear bright or reflective gear to signal your presence. And if you plan to run in the rain, do so during the daylight to get the best visibility possible.

  • Stay Warm, Dry, and Comfortable

  • As mentioned earlier, getting wet is inevitable. And since wet clothes will make your body temperature drop, dress appropriately. 

    Pile on the layers and include a water-resistant outer layer to prevent the chilling effects of rainy runs. Also, avoid cotton clothing since cotton absorbs and holds on to water. In place of cotton attire, layer with warmer materials that wick moisture away, like wool or polyester.  

    Also, note that wet clothing sticks to your skin and makes it vulnerable to chafing. So, prevent it by applying petroleum jelly (like Vaseline) to susceptible areas, like under the bra straps, inside armpits, and where socks end at your ankles before the run.

  • Stay Safe

  • Traction can be an issue during rainy runs since the wet ground can be slippery and dangerous. So make sure to wear the right running shoes while running in the rain. 

    Depending on the surface, waterproof running shoes could be helpful but are not required. However, what is needed is a good pair of running socks. But skip the cotton ones for rainy runs, and instead, opt for socks made from wool. (See above.) Your feet will thank you.

  • Keep Personal Items Dry

  • When you have ensured a dry and warm body, it is time to focus on your items. Keep your electronics and snacks away from water while running in the rain with specially designed running belts. Look at waterproof pouches like SPIbelt's aLOKSAK that keep your valuables and belongings dry, safe, and secure.

  • Play It Safe

  • Lastly, be advised to avoid inclement weather and never run during lightning or thunderstorms. Also, pay attention to weather alerts, and do not run in flood-prone areas. In any of these situations, it is better to run indoors. 

    Happy Running!