Top 3 Benefits of a Running Belt

Top 3 Benefits of a Running Belt

Running is a popular sport around the world. All you need is space, whether on a treadmill, in your garage, or on the streets of your city. The important part is to get up and go! Running is an effective cardio exercise that helps with your overall health. And it is relatively inexpensive to get started.

The primary equipment used for running is a good pair of shoes that provide comfort and protection. You also have many options for clothing.

But as soon as you start getting into the sport, you will recognize how other equipment can improve your running experience. One of these items is the running belt. It is designed to help runners carry not just their water bottles but other essential items, too.

Safety & Convenience

Have you ever tried running with keys in your pocket? It is very uncomfortable, not to mention distracting. They jingle all over the place and swing wildly as you stride. Another benefit of using a running belt is that you get the space for not only your keys, but your phone and ID as well. The SPIbelt expands to accommodate so many more things, like gels, too! It is comfortable, sleek, and perfect for runners. Having your phone with you in case of an emergency helps keep you safe too.


The primary advantage of a running belt is it allows you to carry your water bottle comfortably. You can take a sip of water or hydration fluids of your choice anytime during training or race. 

Hydration is a key factor in any cardio exercise. You lose fluids and nutrients as you sweat during your run. If you do not replace them, you will start to feel sluggish, and your performance will suffer. Allowing that to continue can lead to muscle cramps and other health complications.

A running belt enables you to continue getting the right amount of fluids in your body. The SPI H20 Companion water bottle fits perfectly on the SPIbelt, giving you comfortable access to hydration at all times. It clips on and off the belt easily so that you can focus on your run.



Runners often aim to increase their pace over time. It is a sign that they are improving their performance and efficiency. Some people worry about running belts getting in their way or affecting their performance and speed.

That won’t be the case with the SPIbelt, as it is designed to stay out of your way during your run. The adjustable buckles ensure a snug fit. You even have the option to get a belt extender to customize the fit further.

Another issue runners have to contend with is chaffing. With the SPIbelt, you never need to worry about chaffing because our belts are made with super soft elastic to ensure your comfort. You won't even know it's there!

Other Benefits

You will find many other functional uses of running belts as you train or participate in a race. For example, you can use your running belt as a number holder. But at the end of the day, the goal is to improve your performance and enjoy your running journey! That is how the SPIbelt is designed: to give you a practical solution for the many needs of running.