Tracking Your Successes With Athlinks

Everyone likes to keep track of their personal accomplishments. Whether it’s books read, places traveled, or money saved, there are numerous resources for logging the goals you’ve achieved. For runners, once such resource is Athlinks, a site that keeps track of your race results.

Over 10 million Americans are in races each year. Some run to compete with fellow runners, while others run to compete with themselves. No matter what your goal is, Athlinks tracks your personal progress. According to their website, “Athlinks is the largest results database for competitive endurance athletes in the world. We pull in times for running races, triathlon, swimming, cycling, mountain biking…pretty much any timed endurance sport that you can think of – if we can find the results, we will add them to the database and link them to our members’ accounts.”

Athlinks is a quick and easy way to track your running record. Just enter your name, and the site pulls up your history from an extensive database. Athlinks also allows users to connect with fellow runners, and to compare goals and achievements.

Every day there are more and more resources being created to bring athletes together, improve workouts, and achieve athletic goals. Athlinks is an exciting and useful tool for keeping track of your achievements and sharing your successes.