Trail Running with the Distance Pro

It's summertime, and that means it is time for summer fun and activities. You can go out on the water or stay on land, hike some new trails, or better yet, run some new trails. One of the best ways to enjoy running and the scenic outdoors is by running a trail. Trail running can breathe new life into your running routine and means trading in crowded sidewalks and gyms for wide-open spaces and fresh air.  

Trail Running Benefits 

Trail running may have many benefits including, improving technique, fewer injuries, enhancing mental health, easier breathing, and increasing strength. Clearly, trail running enhances the mind, breathing, and strength. For example, the mental benefits of trail running are obvious; spending time outdoors is one of the fastest ways to elevate and brighten a mood. Also, when you're out on a trail, you breathe fresher air, especially when surrounded by oxygenating trees. Finally, nothing beats a hill or other varying inclines on trails to improve strength.

Trail Running Destinations

The U.S. is full of great running trails, many worth traveling to while others could be in your local town. Here are some of the most well-known and highly rated running trails in the U.S.: 

  • McKenzie River Trail - Eugene, Oregon.
  • Appalachian Trail - Springer Mountain, Georgia to Mount Katahdin, Maine
  • Kalalau Trail -  Kauai, Hawaii
  • The Dale Ball Trail - Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Poison Spider Mesa - Moab, Utah

  • Most of the top trails are in the western half of the United States; however, the eastern portion has the famed Appalachian Trail that spans from the Appalachian mountains of Georgia to Maine and is ranked consistently as one of the top trails in the United States. Also, if you're open to leaving the continental U.S. and up for a run along a breathtaking coastline and beach, visit the Kalalau Trail of Hawaii.

    Trail Running Essentials

    Regardless of the destination, trail runs, which are often remote and require more time, need a heightened level of preparedness. Some top items you should bring on a trail run are:

    1. Water or energy drinks
    2. Snacks, bars, gels
    3. A cellphone (fully charged and with a compass and flashlight)
    4. Windbreaker
    5. Identification card
    6. and, OF COURSE, a Distance Pro hydration belt to carry it all.

    The multifunctionality of the Distance Pro hydration belt makes it ideal for activities like trail running that require time and endurance. This running belt is durable and handles the longest runs. Also, the pockets hold all of the essentials and include space for phones, snacks, loops for gels, and two, removable and refillable 8-ounce bottles. Therefore, the Distance Pro hydration belt takes on the main things you need to have covered during a trail run - fuel and hydration. 

    Like runners, each trail run is unique, and the right trail depends on preference. Do you prefer to stay local or to travel? Do you go for picturesque views or invigorating twists and turns - or both? Regardless of where you trail run, always go with your Distance Pro hydration belt. Happy Trails!