Traveling With My SPI Messenger Bag

I’m Basma and I love traveling! My parents always took me along on their international trips growing up, and I learned to love visiting new cultures, trying traditional dishes, listening to and learning foreign languages, and appreciating the beauty that sets every country apart.

My love for traveling has only gotten stronger as I have grown older, and I’ve learned a lot about being prepared for any trip. Since I have type one diabetes, I need to make sure that I always have those supplies on me and that I can grab them at a moment’s notice (TSA lines anyone)?

I’d have to say my favorite belt to travel with is the SPIbelt Messenger. It’s so roomy and can be worn slung across your body for convenience. I always need quite a few things on me, which is why I choose the Messenger bag. It can hold everything I would normally put in a small purse or backpack, but it’s more comfortable to wear!

I always carry my passport, ID, flight tickets, snacks (the airport munchies can hit hard!), my phone and headphones, a good book or magazine, fuzzy socks and laptop. This doesn’t even include my diabetes supplies! I carry the bulk of my T1D supplies in my carry-on luggage, but always have a makeup case with extra alcohol swabs, lancets, glucose meter, pen needles, 1 long lasting and 1 short lasting insulin pen, and an extra Dexcom sensor– so I don’t have to dig around in my luggage.

Sound like a lot of stuff? Maybe, but I’ve never had any trouble fitting all of my necessities into my SPIbelt Messenger bag. I love how sturdy it is and it’s the perfect size to travel with. The best part is using my SPIbelt Messenger while exploring instead of a boring backpack!

Traveling doesn’t have to be hard– it should be loads of fun! My SPIbelt lets me enjoy myself while traveling around different beautiful countries!