Use These Excuses To Sneak In Some Exercise This Thanksgiving


It’s TURKEY WEEK, which means A LOT of food, fun and loved ones. It can also mean you may not get to get in that workout this week…. No worries, exercise lovers! Even if you failed (again) to convince your family to run the local Turkey Trot, there are many other excuses to squeeze in a workout amid the potato-mashing, cookie-baking, and turkey-stuffing. 

In case you need an excuse to somehow sneak in a little exercise this Thanksgiving, we’ve provided some for you. 

Feel free to use these as needed. LOL.  

"Oh no! We're out of vanilla extract (or cinnamon, or nutmeg, or insert-ingredient-here). Guess I have to run to the store and grab some!" - but you're literally going to run.

"I found a bakery that sells amazing pastries, and it's only an 8-mile bike ride … who wants to go?"

"The cookie dough needs an hour to chill, and that's the perfect amount of time for a workout. Who's in?!"

"Anyone want to challenge me to a push-up contest? Winner doesn't have to do dishes!"

"I need to go for a walk so I don't fall asleep before dessert. The post-turkey urge to nap is strong right now."

"Whoever can hold a plank the longest gets to choose the movie!"

"These shoes I bought in a pre-Black Friday sale need to be broken in. Anyone up for a stroll?"

"I'm thinking of doing a morning yoga session to calm my mind before the holiday chaos."

"The dog needs an extra-long walk today after snacking on turkey and treats. Be back in an hour!"

"Whoever peels the potatoes slowest has to run a mile!" *loses intentionally* "See you later!"

Of course, if you're using Thanksgiving to get in a few extra rest days, it's a perfect time to do that, too. Rest days are important! But if you're hoping to fit in some exercise during the festivities, we hope you find the time to do it—no matter what your excuse is. Happy holidays!