What Is A Running Belt For?

What Is a Running Belt For?

Running is a simple sport. That is its beauty and appeal. You can get up and go without needing fancy equipment and specialized activity areas. Because it is simple, many people go into it for various reasons, like keeping a healthy body and building stamina. 

If you’re into running, always invest in a good pair of shoes both for protection and comfort. You can get apparel specific for running to manage chafing and excess sweat. Another piece of equipment that is becoming popular within the running community is the running belt.

More on the Running Belt

A running belt is worn around the waist, as the name suggests. It could be made from various materials, but the important thing is it clasps tightly around the body. The snug fit is crucial because the belt incorporates pockets or storage. With the right fit, items stored in the belt will not jump around as you run.

Because the belt is a dedicated storage solution designed for running, you can bring your essentials with you comfortably. Whether you take your smartphone, car or house keys, money, and identification cards, you can run hands-free. It makes the experience better and more comfortable.

The running belt gives people more clothing options, too. Leggings and yoga pants are very comfortable for running. However, without pockets or any form of storage, people are forced to wear shorts on top of them, which can hinder their run.

With a running belt, you are free to wear running apparel of your choice since the belt gives you all the storage solutions you need.

How to Use a Running Belt

Using a running belt is very simple. You wrap it around your waist and tighten it using adjustable straps. The SPIbelt, for example, fits a wide range of waist sizes. You can even add an expansion strap to ensure a perfect fit.

The main pocket is usually at the front so that more weight is placed forward, which is useful in running as it gives you more momentum. It also allows for easy access to your things when needed.

A popular accessory to use with running belts is a water bottle. The SPI H2O Companion clips onto your belt easily. It will not bounce around as you run, so you won’t even feel that it’s there until you need it. That is a great feature, especially for runs lasting more than an hour. You can stay hydrated without having to stop for a drink at water stations.

When to Use a Running Belt

A running belt can be used any time you go out for a run. It is great for daily jogs before or after work. You can use it when training for a race and during the race itself, especially for marathons where you need to drink lots of fluids.

If you regularly run, you will likely use a running belt quite frequently. It can become a regular part of your running routine so that your essentials are within reach. 

From your keys to your water bottle and everything in between, the SPIbelt is your ideal running companion.