Why Everyone Loves the SPI H2O Venture Hydration Belt

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The SPI H2O™ Venture hydration belt will transform your long runs! It is bounce free and eliminates bulky bottle holders. The 2″ elastic supports up to 16 oz. of water or can be used on its own as a sleek running belt.


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“It NEVER moved! I was able to wear it around my hips where I like, the water bottles were super easy to take off and on, there was NO bounce, and it’s very comfortable to wear.” – Selena

“I loved the Venture hydration belt on my Big Bend 30k run. It was a tough course, lots of steep jumps, rocks, etc. and I never really noticed the belt or the bottles. It’s a really great product so kudos to you guys.”

– Rob A.


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“I used the SPI H2O Venture belt during a recent run and loved it! The water bottles did not bounce at all! I like to wear my bottles behind me on my back and love how you can place the bottles anywhere you want on the belt. And since the bottles are completely removable, you can wear just the belt without having empty clips on it.”

– Alli K.
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“For 7 miles it was like it wasn’t even there. The bottles can be easily reached and clipped again in the front and “reeled” to the back again. I packed my iPhone 6S with cover, 1 gel and car keys.”
– Antonio L.
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“I used the Venture belt with two bottles full of water for 12 km. No bouncing and no irritation at all. I was curious if I would feel the buckle on the belt, but it turns out that it was no problem.”
– Martin B.