Why You Need A Running Belt

Why You Need a Running Belt

Aside from a good pair of shoes, a running belt is essential, especially if you go on long runs. The belt is very helpful when you’re training, on a race, or exercising as part of your daily routine. 

What Is a Running Belt?

The running belt was created to address a specific challenge all runners face: lack of storage space. 

When you go out to run, you need to carry your essentials. Your keys, phone, and money are some examples. While you can always use your pockets for these items, their placement is not optimal. If you run with your phone in your shorts’ pockets, it will be uncomfortable, and your phone may fly out of your pocket at any time.

Running belts like the SPIbelt address this problem by providing you with a snug storage space around your waist. The storage compartments are custom-made to safely store small items, like your keys or phone.

Benefits of Using a Running Belt

Most people use running belts to carry essentials on their run. That is important when training or jogging. Fact is, you need your keys to get back into your home or car. 

It also allows you to carry other items. For example, if you get the SPI H2O Companion water bottle, you can stay hydrated during your run. The bottle is designed to clip onto any SPIbelt without bouncing around as you run. You won’t even know it’s there until you get thirsty. 

Having your water bottle handy allows for better performance. You can stay hydrated and replenish the fluids you lose when sweating, which is especially important when running long distances. If you do not regularly replace the water you lose, you risk getting muscle cramps and other health complications.

A running belt can also act as your bib number holder when competing in a race. You can pin your number on your belt instead of your shirt to keep it away from your sweat. On top of that, the running belt is useful when competing in multisport events like duathlons and triathlons, where you need to turn your number from front to back.

You can take this a step further by getting a running belt with additional storage for energy gels, such as the SPIbelt performance series. It has loops for bars, gels, and other things you may need during a long and grueling run. After all, your hydration and nutrition can spell the difference between finishing the race or not.

Because safety is a concern for runners, especially at night, some belts incorporate reflective materials to make you visible when running in dark areas. 

Choose Your Running Belt

There are plenty of running belts available on the market today, but only SPIbelt is the Original Small Personal Item Belt! We’ve expanded our styles to include the reflectiveperformance, and dual-pocket versions. You can choose the type of belt to buy based on your specific running routine and needs.

For most, a regular SPIbelt with an H2O companion bottle is a great combo, providing the storage and hydration you need, all in one product!