KOfit brings you the most effective exercise combos that can be done without weights or a gym. Be prepared to see results in as little as 3 sessions!


The Flex holds your phone for a hands-free workout, has a headphone port so you can easily listen to music, and buckles in the front so you can do mat work.



Work it out! At home, at the gym, wherever you want. KOfit is a program of simple exercises for every muscle group that are easy to follow.


The SPI Exercise Band adds resistance to any workout without weights. Tone your muscles anywhere with this easy-to-use accessory.

Kim Overton

Hi, I'm Kim

Welcome to KOfit!

My history in fitness goes back to my days of being a competitive gymnast from when I was a child through high school. In my 20’s, I traveled the world, settling in NYC for 12 years while starting my days of the entrepreneur lifestyle. I became a personal trainer at the age of 33 at Equinox at 18th and Broadway, and launched my first fitness video at 36, called Love Your Legs. Love Your Legs was designed to enable women to target the areas of the lower body that are quickest to show slack.

In 2007 I launched SPIbelt. As the sole owner of the company, I worked a tremendous amount of hours for the first several years and heard myself start to say, “I don’t have time to workout.” Knowing what I know about the importance of fitness and exercise, lack of time is never a good excuse to skip working out. The concept behind KOfit is to give you exercises that work, with or without having to visit a gym, that take very little time.

Enjoy the result of these simple exercises that target the key muscle groups that help keep you strong, balanced and looking your best.