KOfit: Core & Butt 2 in 1

This 2 in 1 series will have your core & butt toned in half the amount of time as traditional abs and glutes exercises with a unique combo of intense compound movements. Get ready to feel the burn and benefits!

KOfit's Glute and Oblique Burn is a fast way to tone your stomach and get that bubble butt you've always wanted
  1. Hands behind your head, point one toe out, keep thighs level.
  2. Bend extended leg, reach opposite elbow to that knee.

Pro Tip: Press heel into the ground and contract your glutes as you bring opposite knee and elbow together. Contract obliques (side core muscles), as you bring elbow to knee.

KOfit killer abs and butt workout - Plank with Glute Push
  1. Plank position with one leg bent, thighs on same level, shoulders over elbows.
  2. With core contracted, reach heel for the sky.

Pro Tip: Reach your heel for the sky by tightening glutes, focus on moving your leg only while keeping your body in a stable plank with strong core.

Side Push Up with Abduction - Tone your abs and glutes with this 2-in-1 exercise from KOfit
  1. Start in side plank, leg bent, shoulder over elbow, extended toe pointed and off the ground.
  2. Keeping upper body strong and stable, raise extended outer ankle to the sky by contracting your outer thigh and glutes.

Pro Tip: For a more intense oblique workout, dip your hip towards the ground (without touching it) as you lower your leg. Raise your body back up when you take your ankle to the sky.

Stretch out your hamstrings and obliques after a core workout - KOfit
  1. Start with one foot at approximately the 12 o’clock position and the other foot at approximately 10 o’clock. Open palms and chest forward, one hand pointing to the sky, the opposing hand pointing to the ground. Slowly lower downward fingertips to the ground. Feel your hamstrings stretch.
  2. Contract your hamstrings and your obliques to lift your body up as you reach up for the sky. Come to a tall standing position with fingertips still pointing in opposite directions.

Pro Tip: As you lower your fingertips to the ground, allow your hamstrings to relax into a stretch. As you come up, contract your hamstrings and obliques to lift and get the most out of this exercise.

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