SPIbelt for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+

SPIbelt’s #1 use as by fans and customers is for carrying a mobile phone. Luckily the SPIbelt comes in two sizes depending on your phone, so that you can keep it discreetly by your side.

originalspibelt-e1425589998209The Original SPIbelt works perfectly with standard-sized mobile phones like the iPhone 6 because it doesn’t bounce and it allows you to keep your phone close to you so that you can track your runs and listen to the right music to keep energized.

spibeltlarge-e1425590548829The Large Pocket SPIbelt is an ideal running belt for the iPhone 6 Plus because it expands enough to fit your phone in addition to a few extra necessities. With a Large Pocket SPIbelt your phone remains securely by your side and you can enjoy your run comfortably.

(In addition to the iPhone 6 Plus, the Large Pocket SPIbelt holds larger mobile phones including the Samsung Note, Samsung Galaxy, HTC and other large mobile phones.)


  • Comfortable, soft elastic prevents chaffing.
  • Sturdy buckle and glides for even the most active users.
  • Original Pocket expands to 6.5″” x 3″” x 2″”; Large Pocket expands to 8″” x 4″” x 2″”.
  • Large Pocket SPIbelt™ comes with an 8″” pocket – large enough to hold bulkier medical supplies, larger phones, or just more stuff!

Fits waist size 24″” through 47″”.