SPIbelt Reviews

Here at SPIbelt, we love customer feedback! We’ve compiled a list of rave SPIbelt reviews from our customers from around the world. Are you deciding whether or not SPIbelt is the right running belt for you? Read below to hear personal accounts of how SPIbelt has helped out our customers, and how it can easily be incorporated into your workout routine and daily life.

category_SPIband-150x150Fortunately, there is an awesome accessory out there that helps to streamline the runner’s gear as well as allow you to carry all that is important to you. Say hi to the SPIbelt. If you have spent anytime at any marathon expo, I am sure you have seen these belts there. They are very well-designed and very slim to wear.” – Charles Barkowski, Running WithMiles.com

“The Original SPIbelt has been one of my favorite running gear items for a while – the perfect no bounce pouch for my cell phone, GU, inhaler and keys. I was super excited when the SPI (Small Personal Item) company they added a new item to their product line – the SPIband Wrist & Ankle Pocket…SPIband is perfect to hold all the smallest person items – money, identification, keys, gym membership cards and even wedding bands (yes, I could trust SPIband to hold my rings because it’s unique tri-fold design keeps everything safe and secure.)”FunFitGirl.com

kids-spibelt-150x150“What I like about the SPIbelt is that it is stretches so that once everything is in the pocket nothing jiggles. The pouch will mold to your small items up to large items such as your smart phone with plenty of room to spare. You can even attach your race bibs to it with some additional accessories. I like the SPIbelt for its simplicity and ease of use. If you’re looking for a great race belt that also provides you with the storage you need for all your race day must haves this is a great product to consider.”KeepingThePace1.blogspot.com

“The Kid’s SPIbelt™ (MSRP $16.99) is sleek, expandable, secure, and does not bounce…Perfect for children who need medical supplies such as inhalers, insulin pumps or epipens, SPIbelt™ won’t ride or shift while participating in vigorous activities. And parents can relax knowing their children’s items such as house keys and medical supplies won’t be lost.”Blog.Lifeway.com

“Before I found SPIbelt, I had to carry my crossbody purse to hold my keys, my phone, etc. That quickly became cumbersome and I set out to find something that I could use on my walks and for my runs. That’s when I found SPIbelt… I was amazed by how much I could actually fit in there.ANewDann.blogspot.com

“The SPIbelt is lightweight and easy to use. The SPIbelt has become among runners, triathletes, travelers, individuals who carry medical devices such as an insulin pump or an EPIpen, and anyone on the go.”CouponWahm.com

spibelt-race-number-accessory-150x150This is a great race belt for your bib. The SPIBELT pocket stretches to accommodate gels, smart phone, ipod, keys, etc. Because of the way this belt is structured it can hold a few important items during your run, bike, or hike.”TriEdge.net

You’ll have one less thing to worry about on rainy days with the Waterproof SPIbelt! Available in a variety of colors to coordinate with any outfit, the belt and its sturdy plastic inner-liner can hold many of your personal belongings. Protect cash, credit cards, phones, and more from the elements. Sleek and secure, the Waterproof SPIbelt is ideal for travel, fitness, and so much more.”ParentGuideNews.com

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