14 Father's Day gift ideas for every kind of Seattle dad

Seattle PI (6-16-2020)

Forgot this coming Sunday, June 21 was Father’s Day? Or perhaps, you’re still scrambling to find a gift dad will actually enjoy and use.

Let’s be honest, while dads can be pretty laid back, gift shopping can be a bit tricky as they usually claim to “already have everything they need.”

Nonetheless, we’ve rounded up a handful of foolproof gift ideas for every kind of dad to nab before Sunday. Scroll on for our ideas.

For the health-oriented dad…

Ultima Replenisher is an electrolyte powder that is made with all six balanced macro-electrolytes plus support minerals, real fruit flavors, plant-based colors, sweetened naturally with organic stevia leaf extract and no sugar, carbs or calories ever. You can shake it up in a glass of water, freeze it into popsicle form, toss it into a smoothie for some added electrolyte action, or combine it in an adult beverage after you’ve tackled the day in stride.

For a pouch of snacks and supplements on the go, take a look at the SPIbelt. For stretch-to-fit flexible ice packs, nab the Hurt Skurt.