23 Father’s Day gifts under $50 that he’ll love

CNN Underscored (6-11-2020)

Dear old Dad. You love him so (even if he tends to drive you crazy), but he can be hard to buy for, especially if you’re on a budget. Maybe you’d love to spring for those golf clubs he’s been eyeing, or that new Miles Davis vinyl box set, but you’re watching your spending like a hawk these days. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered, with 30 Father’s Day gifts he’ll love, all under $50.

And, if you’re especially crunched for time, we also have you covered with a list of last-minute gifts and a number of gifts from Amazon that should still get to them in time with Prime shipping.


With over 1,900 reviews and a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, this handy belt is a fan favorite for travel, sports and gatherings. It is worn around the waist and designed to hold essentials like his keys, phone, wallet, and even medical items like an inhaler or insulin vials. Available in a variety of colors.