9 of the Best Running Belts to Carry Your Phone, Keys and Bank Card

Women's Health (5-8-2020)

If you’ve ever struggled to fit your phone, keys and gels into your pockets before heading out the door, you’ll understand the need for a good running belt. Yet finding a running belt that doesn’t move or chafe when you run can be difficult. To help you narrow things down, we’ve rounded up the best running belts on the market for every kind of runner, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro.

What to look for in a running belt:

When it comes to finding the right belt for you, there’s a few things to think about:


What are you planning on carrying in the belt? If you’re planning on using the belt to carry all your essentials, look for one that is big enough to comfortably fit your phone (some of the bigger iPhones will not be considered standard size) and other essentials. You should also look for a belt that you can pull tightly to lie flat against your back, as this minimise the amount it can move when running.


Most running belts will be designed to be lightweight, but if you’re planning on wearing the belt over a long distance, like a marathon, the lighter the belt the better

How easy is it to access?

There’s nothing worse than struggling to unzip your belt halfway through a run. Look for a belt that is easy to get into when you’re running. Added extras like loops on the waistband for running gels, if you use them, are always handy.

Do you need the option to carry water?

Some running belts will have pockets for little bottles of water – this can be handy during longer training runs.

Okay, now we’ve covered the basics, let’s jump into it: The 9 best running belts to shop now.

8. SPIbelt Running Belt Original Pocket

Why buy? Another belt we really rate is the SpiBelt. It expands to fit just about everything, it doesn’t bounce when you run and it has loops on the belt for your gels. It’s a great choice for smaller runners, as the belt can be adjusted for just about all waist sizes. The only downsides here are that it can be tricky to pull your phone out mid-run, without dropping your keys and bank cards behind you.