Central Texas Food Bank

The SPIbelt team had a fun afternoon learning about the work done at Central Texas Food Bank, a local non-profit here in Austin, Texas. They received an extensive tour of the campus from the CEO, Derrick Chubbs. Wow, do they have a facility! The warehouse made Costco look tiny.

COVID-19 has drastically increased Central Texas Food Bank’s spending on food. Right now, CTFB is spending about 10 times more money compared to pre-COVID times, and are feeding about 50 to 90,000 individuals per week. What better time to help out and give back to the community? SPIbelt donated 10% of the Memorial Day weekend sales and 500 masks to this non-profit, and we hope to give more in the future!

Did you know that The Central Texas Food Bank provides vital relief for 21 county service areas? They can always use some extra help, especially since major fundraisers have been canceled due to COVID-19, and unemployment rates are increasing.

The best way to help right now is to make a donation! A $10 donation equals about 120 meals. Crazy!