SELF: How to Carry a Phone While Running That Isn’t Just in Your Sweaty Hand

SPIbelt - was created exactly for this reason!  No need to carry it in your hands while running!

Self 2021-09

15 years ago, Kim Overton no longer wanted to hold her phone or any item for that matter in her hand or stuff it in her sports bra to go on a run….and SPIbelt was created.  We are excited to celebrate our anniversary this month at the Austin Marathon.  The OG of running belts, stick your phone in the pocket, clip it on and pull it tight….no bouncing and no need to hold your phone to call anyone after you complete your race!  Thank you SELF Magazine for including us in the many options for keeping your phone nearby whether you are headed on a short run around the neighborhood or running the Philly Half Marathon like Vanessa Peralta Mitchell.