Meet SPIbelt Ambassador, Christine!

Q & A

What is your biggest goal for 2021?

My 4th and final child was born in January 2020. I had hoped to restart my run streak after she was born, and start teaching POUND at the local YMCA, but we all know how 2020 ended up. I began 2021 by restarting my run streak on January 1! I hope to reach at least 276 days, which is where my last streak ended, I am also supposed to start teaching POUND for community education classes. And if that’s not enough, my biggest goal for the year is running the 40th annual Twin Cities Marathon in October.

What is your favorite SPIbelt product?

The two main SPIbelt products I use most often are the Distance Pro, and the Large Pocket. I find the Large Pocket to be the most simple, and I don’t need much for my daily streak runs. The Distance Pro is perfect for long runs and races.

What Is your favorite activity to do with your SPIbelt?

I love running and I rarely run without my SPIbelt, but I think my favorite thing to do is to teach POUND. I use my SPIbelt to hold my microphone transmitter.

3 of your go-to workout songs:

I have to choose three? I have my favorite running playlist that I use to help me maintain cadence, but ever since I started to teach POUND, I’ve found some new favorite songs. Three of my current favorites are “Take Back the Power” by The Interrupters, “Go Crazy” by Leslie Odom Jr, and “Freak Show” by Dead Posey.

Coolest place you have taken your SPIbelt?

Someday I hope to take my SPIbelt to really awesome places but for now, the coolest place I’ve been with my SPIbelt is the shore of Lake Superior when I ran Ragnar Road, MN at 17 weeks pregnant!

What quote or motto keeps you motivated?

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” I never thought I wanted to run a marathon, but I won a free entry to Twin Cities Marathon 2018 and I decided to go for it! And now, here I am, hoping to run TCM again this year!

Anything else you want to share with our fans?

2020 was such a strange year! All the goals I had sort of got pushed aside. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be teaching my 5-year-old son preschool. Or making sure my two big kids were successful at distance learning. It was really easy to forget how to care for myself when I was so focused on my family. I spent the summer teaching POUND virtually over Zoom. Then I ran a virtual half in November that helped re-energize me. I’m spending 2021 really focusing on my physical and mental health, and making SMART goals. I’m looking forward to teaching group fitness classes in person, and getting back to running in person races.