Meet SPIbelt Ambassador, Hilary!

Q & A

What is your biggest goal for 2021?

Run the London Marathon 2021 and earn my 6th World Major Marathon Star.

What is your favorite SPIbelt product?

The Original SPIbelt runs everywhere with me. My phone is safe, secure, and bounce-free!

What Is your favorite activity to do with your SPIbelt?


3 of your go-to workout songs:

Fitness by Lizzo, This is Me by Kesha, and Savage by Meghan Thee Stallion

Coolest place you have taken your SPIbelt?

My SPIbelt is well traveled! It has been everywhere from the streets of Tokyo, to the hills of Jerusalem, to Machu Picchu.

What quote or motto keeps you motivated?

Don’t Stop (Get it, Get it)