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Please use the form below to be notified when inventory is available. Our customer service rep will contact you in the order your email is received. The earliest new orders will be shipped is 1 week from todayWe appreciate your patience and understanding as our team continues to work harder than ever to refill inventory. Bulk order inquires, please email

From Dr. Luke Padwick, founder of Austin Emergency Centers: “Non-medical grade masks don’t filter viruses, but are still useful for the public as barriers. Number one, all of us touch our face about 100 times a day without realizing it. When you’re wearing a mask, when you touch a handle or doorknob then rub your eyes, nose or mouth, the mask will prevent you from putting the virus in you. The non-medical grade masks also create a barrier that reduce the likelihood of one person spreading pathogens to another through sneezing, breathing or coughing. It contributes to public safety.”
Dear Guest,
What crazy times we’re in. During this incredibly dynamic and uncertain time, we have altered our business to do what we can to help stop the spread of this virus. My team and I are working as fast as we can to provide as many people with hand-made and disposable masks as possible. If we are out at the time of your visit here, please leave your name in the field above and we will contact you as soon as they’re available. 
I am grateful for my incredible team who are working harder than ever to help keep our mask supply abundant. I am also grateful to have the resources to help slow the spread. With a lung condition of my own (Bronchiectasis), I am in the high risk category and consider it more important than ever to keeping myself protected as well as those around me. Let’s all wear masks if we need to go out, and stay at home otherwise. 
Remember, we can still keep fit at home! Follow us on Instagram for fitness ideas and other fun at-home activities. Let’s keep the body and mind moving!
Take care and stay safe!
Kim Overton
SPIbelt founder / CEO
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