The SPIbelt with Waterproof Accessory will keep your essential belongings dry and clean in all sorts of wet and dirty environments.

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The SPIbelt with Waterproof Accessory is perfect for kayakers, stand up paddleboards (SUP), and obstacle course racing (OCR) such as Spartan Race or Tough Mudder. The best part? Your smartphone touch screen will still work inside the aLOKSAK!

The SPIbelt with Waterproof Accessory keeps items safe, dry and clean in all sorts of wet and dirty environments. The waterproof aLOKSAK© is a sturdy plastic bag that attaches to the inside of your SPIbelt with a toggle. The aLOKSAK has an airtight seal that prevents the re-entry or release of air and micro-organisms such as dust and sand.

  • Pocket expands to 6.5″ x 3″ x 2″
  • Includes a waterproof accessory: Medium aLOKSAK bag (4.5″ x 7″)
  • aLOKSAK is certified waterproof to 200 feet/60 meters
  • aLOKSAK is 100% water/airtight.
  • aLOKSAK is recyclable and reusable
  • Touch screen devices work while protected in aLOKSAK
  • Fits waist size 24″ through 47″

spibelt made in america

Does SPIbelt bounce when full?
For best results, position your SPIbelt™ below your waistband. Place flat and larger items closest to your body. The heavier the items the more snuggly you’ll want to adjust the elastic on your SPIbelt. A standard load consists of a smart phone, cash, ID, and car key.

How do I wear my SPIbelt?
Here are some suggestions on how to wear a SPIbelt™ for comfort, style, and best fit! Make sure the zipper is aligned in the center of the pocket instead of having the zipper at the top. Stack items from largest to smallest from bottom to top. The SPIbelt can be wore high or low on the hips. We find most people prefer lower on the hips (a few inches below the navel). Don’t forget to make sure that the elastic is snug!

Is SPIbelt washable?
Yes. Hand wash with a mild detergent and hang to dry. Care concerns: machine washing and drying your SPIbelt™ may lead to fabric snags and broken plastic.

What size SPIbelt should I buy?
We offer three sizes of SPIbelts™.
    - The Kids' SPIbelt fits a child with a 18"–24" waist size (all Kids' SPIbelts come in Non-Logo elastic).
    - Adult SPIbelts fit a 24"–47" waist size.
    - The SPIbelt Belt Extender™ extends your SPIbelt’s elastic by up to 12 inches. NOTE: The Belt Extender is not compatible with the Endurance Series SPIbelt™, the SPI H2O™ Venture Series, the Kids’ SPIbelt, and the SPI Messenger Bag™.

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