10 Podcasts For Runners

Over the long haul of a run, we all need a little something to distract ourselves. If you’re a regular podcast listener, we hope this list finds a few new gems for your queue. If you’re usually a person who enjoys music on a run, perhaps give one of these shows a shot to see how it affects your run (hopefully positively). Regardless of who you are, we recommend putting your phone into a Large Pocket or Window Belt for the ultimate ease of carrying during your run!

Something Funny

10 Junk Miles

Made for runners by runners, usually accompanied by a drink of the podcasters’ choice. Tons of great info, a smattering of runner nonsense, and a great listen that’ll make you feel like you’re running with friends. Listen here.

My Brother, My Brother, and Me

This is a personal favorite of our Social Media Manager. Three brothers answer a handful of ridiculous listener-submitted questions to the “best” of their abilities. We definitely recommend finding one of their Bro’s Better Bro’s Best (best of) episodes to see if it finds your funny bone. Listen here.

Something Informative

The Rich Roll Podcast

Now, for anyone needing high intensity, high energy distractions while running: this may not be for you. Rich Roll always has some spectacular guest on to discuss everything from plant-based dieting to being an artist and finding your voice, but his soothing tones are almost TOO dreamy for a workout. Listen here.

Dope Labs

When two friends – who happen to be a Materials scientist and molecular biologist – get together to discuss phenomena like Cuffing Season with a mix of scientific analyzation and straight life lessons, you know it’s going to be good! Listen here.

Something Weird

Welcome To Night Vale

Follow the tales of a desert town as told by the dulcet voice of their local radio announcer as 5-headed dragons attempt to overthrow the mayor and a floating cat with her kittens hang out in the radio station’s bathroom. It’s best to start at Episode 1, but no matter where you jump in, you’ll always enjoy hearing about the weather. Listen here.

Astonishing Legends

Their bio puts it best when it says the two hosts’ mission is “to take a look at legendary strange and unusual events from throughout history and interview people who’ve had close encounters with the unexplained. They strive to bring you everything that’s entertaining about those stories and remind you that it’s ok to laugh at scary stories sometimes.” Listen here.

Something Nerdy

Marathon Talk

With over 400 episodes in the archive, not only is this a podcast for runners, but it’s also a great podcast for anyone needing a LOT of company on their long runs. Listen here.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Want to dive farther into a historical event farther than you’ve ever gone before, all without reading a single book? Welcome to Hardcore History, the 4ish-hour-per-episode breakdown of some of the most important moments in world history. From the Steppe People of Ghengis Khan’s time to the Atomic race in the ’40s, Dan Carlin does his best to give you the most in-depth look at major moments with firsthand accounts and historical research. A heavy, long listen, but totally worthwhile for 20-milers or anyone with a penchant for learning about human history. Listen here.

Something Tried & True

This American Life

From pirates to Japanese spirit phone booths, this NPR standard podcast has a little bit of everything for just about anyone. Listen here.

Desert Island Discs

“8 tracks, a book, and a luxury. What would you take to a deserted island? Guests share the soundtrack of their lives.” Listen here.

So there you have it! Your ears will thank you for at least ONE of those podcasts, and if not, there are plenty out there to choose from! We hope whatever you listen to, it helps you stay distracted while your legs want to fall off below you.