6 Ways to Stay Safe in Honor of National Running Safety Month

Daylight Savings was earlier this month and we all felt the difference right away. How is it dark even before most of us leave work? Fall is perfect running weather but it’s not perfect visibility weather. That’s why November is National Running Safety Month and we have some tips on how you can stay safe in these darker days.


1. Be Visible

Wear bright colors and SPIbelt reflective gear during low-light hours. It’s amazing how much a little reflectivity helps drivers!

Try the Reflective Amp Large Pocket, the Reflective SPIbelt, the Reflective SPIband (wear it on your wrist or ankle), the SPIbelt Endurance Series with reflective trim, or the SPI H2O Venture Series with reflective trim.

reflective running belts

2. Keep Your Emergency ID and Phone in your SPIbelt

It’s better to be safe than sorry so always run with a form of identification and keep your phone on you. Lucky for you, that’s what the SPIbelt running belt was designed for. And don’t worry if you have an iPhone 7 Plus or a Samsung Note. Our Large Pocket SPIbelt can handle it!

Is your driver’s license enough for ID? Not in an emergency. We recommend getting an Emergency ID from Nomad SOS. It includes 15 pieces of personal and medical information in an easy to read format. No technology is required which can prevent serious delays in the ‘golden hour’ of treatment. It also includes the details of emergency contacts, and acts as a Donor information card.

3. Run Against Traffic

Cars will have an easier time spotting you if you run against traffic.

4. Follow Traffic Laws

Jog in place to keep your heart rate up while waiting at red lights. Clearly signal to cars which way you’ll be turning.

5. Stay Aware

A lot of us love running with music but make sure you can still hear cars, bikes, and other potential dangers through your headphones. And keep those eyes open!

6. Stay on Well-Lit Paths

It may sound obvious, but don’t run where there aren’t lots of street lights! Even if it’s a trail you run often and feel safe on, look for a different route while it’s dark out.