Gifts for her

9 Gifts for her

Finding the perfect running belt for someone can be difficult and overwhelming, especially if you aren’t a runner yourself. Don’t worry we are here to help and we’ve pulled together a helpful list of running belts and items for any special woman in your life. Moms, sisters, and besties won’t be able to stop raving about these!

  1. Original SPIbelt – $22.99 Our most versatile belt. This is the one that everyone snags for a jog, just being out and about, or when they have no pockets.
  2. Large Pocket SPIbelt $24.99 – Same as the Original SPIbelt, but has a bigger pocket to easily hold more stuff! Great for the tech friend that always has the newest and biggest phone.
  3. SPI H2O Companion $9.99 – With most water fountains closed help make sure that she always has a hydration solution on hand. This 8 ounce water bottle easily clips on to any SPIbelt.
  4. Performance Series $25.99 – Perfect for the bestie that just started running again. It’s weather-resistant zipper and pocket make it optimal for sweaty runs and workouts. It has a large pocket to fit your phone and personal items.
  5. SPIbeams LED Visor $29.99 – A must-have for early risers who get the mileage in before the sun comes up and an alternative to a headlamp. Equipped with multiple LED lights, this visor allows you to light up the path in front of you.
  6. SPIbeams LED Reactors $14.99 – Another way to stay safe in the dark– lace into shoes for a pulsing light with every step when walking or running.
  7. Limited Edition Large Pocket $24.99 – A fun twist on our Large Pocket SPIbelt. The Limited Edition belts come in unique prints and patterns. Add flair to your outfit while securely holding your personal items. Perfect for the lady that always has to match.
  8. Large Pocket – Liquid Fabric $24.99 – The newest Limited Edition SPIbelts on the market– shimmery and fashion-forward. Add a couple into your wardrobe to pair with an athleisure or casual casual-cute outfit for running errands or a day out with friends.
  9. Spi Messenger Bag SPIbelt $39.99 – Mom always seems to carry everything for everyone. The Messenger expands to fit everything she (and you) will need– wallet, water bottle, towel, snacks, and a book. Great for the biking over to the park for a nice afternoon.