How to Choose the Right Fitness Belt for Your Needs 

We all have things we need to take with us while on the go – keys, phone, credit cards, ID, snacks, Chapstick... you get it. What’s not fun is having to carry around a big purse or wallet. Whether headed out for a run, to the store, or happy hour, fitness belts can be one of the simplest ways to carry your stuff.  

There are literally hundreds of fitness belts available on the market, and it can get overwhelming to choose which one is right for you. Fortunately, we’ve created this complete one-stop-shop guide to make it easy to find your perfect belt! 

Fitness Belt Features to Consider  

Let’s talk about some features to consider before buying. 

Belt Use. This is first and foremost. The last thing you want is a belt that doesn’t meet your needs. Don’t assume that each fitness belt is made for the same use. Some are intended for longer runs, while some are for the gym, while even others try to be all inclusive. Review the three key features below (secure fit, storage, conditions) before making your decision. 

One last thing to keep in mind is these belts can be used for running, walking, working out, money belts, and more. 

Secure Fit. If you don’t know your waist size, get a tape measure out and measure it before buying. Most fitness belts have straps that are adjustable from 27″ to 40″, however some come in small, medium, or large (where each size has a specified range). Last thing you want is to order a belt that doesn’t fit around your waist or is so big it bounces every which way when you exercise.  

We also suggest measuring your hips. Many find that wearing their belt lower on their hips is preferred. In general, SPIbelt products come in 25” -40” with adjustable glides that help to give you a customized fit. If you need a larger waist band, we do have belt extenders that are an easy add-on and still extremely comfortable.   

Storage. What exactly are you going to be carrying? We recommend you grab a sheet of paper and jot everything down. This honestly helps with the visualization process. Then you can determine if the pack has enough storage (or possibly too much storage) for your needs. Most importantly is to look at your phone size. Do you have a plus or big phone? Not all pocket sizes are made equal. If you have a big phone, we recommend the Large Pocket SPIbelt, the Performance Series, the Performance Pro, the Double Pocket, Dual Pocket Pro, or the Running Belt with Window

Conditions. What conditions will you be typically using your belt in? Will you often be using where you have a higher chance of getting super sweaty (like a Texas Summer?) or occasionally caught in the rain? If so, a weather resistant or weatherproof belt might be an important feature for you. We recommend: the Performance Series, the Performance Pro, Endurance Series, or Distance Pro

Additionally, you make be looking for a hydration solution. But not all Fitness belts have hydration storage options. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our SPI H2O Companion bottle can easily slide on to any Fitness belt or even your shorts if needed.  

We hope this helps give you a little more clarity on what Fitness Belt is best for your needs, but if you still have more questions or are unsure, check out this quick guide for comparisons on our top-selling belts to see what belt has the features you need - here! If talking to a real person is more your speed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or chat with us using the blue chat button at the bottom of the page.