How to Keep Good Habits Year-Round

How to Keep God Habits Year-Round

‘New year, new you’ as the saying goes. We bid 2020 farewell and welcomed 2021 with much excitement and joy. And, now that New Year celebrations have ended, New Year resolutions are in full swing.

However, come late February, this year’s resolutions will likely fall by the wayside like those of 2020 and 2019, and so on. For example, the data backs what we have noticed. Statistics show that nearly all people (around 80%) fail to keep their new year resolution after six weeks.

Furthermore, after overindulging during the holidays, it is no wonder that more than half of resolutions are related to health, for example, losing weight, getting fit, and starting and maintaining a healthy diet. Usually, this entails accommodating a new diet or workout regimen. That said, most people have also realized that health-related resolutions can be some of the most difficult to keep. However, sticking with resolutions and achieving great results means initiating good habits and developing consistency. But how do you specifically keep healthy habits throughout the new year and avoid losing enthusiasm and momentum come late February? Below you will find tips on maintaining good fitness and healthy diet habits year-round.

How to Stay Consistent with Working Out

Here are some brief pointers in staying consistent with working out. First, to support a new fitness goal, it is key to be realistic and not be an overachiever. If you throw yourself into a rigorous new workout routine, it can be a shock to your system and difficult to maintain. So, next, make realistic goals – ones that are attainable at least most of the time. If not, you may feel like you are not succeeding in the new routine and will likely abandon the new habit. Finally, make sure that your goals are measurable. If you plan a new walking, running, or biking routine, set a step or mile goal to reach or exceed during each workout.

Also, make workouts fun by working out with friends. A workout buddy can motivate you, keep you company but most importantly, can hold you accountable. Furthermore, put together a great workout playlist – one that will get your body moving and your heartbeat pumping on workout days.

How to Eat Realistically Year-round

If your latest health goal is not a new workout routine, it is likely a healthier diet (or both). Here are some tips for eating realistically to support your new year resolution.

Keep in mind, reports show that most people keep resolutions if instead of avoiding a behavior, they replace the old behavior with a new one. Specifically, people embracing “approach goals” are more likely to succeed compared to those with “avoidance goals.” That said, remember that eating healthy does not mean starving yourself by avoiding the foods that you usually eat or love. Simply, take small steps, and instead of depriving yourself of familiar foods, incorporate nutritional meals into your diet. Then, eventually, replace unhealthy foods with healthier options.

Also, allow yourself some cheat days; you do not have to stick to your diet plan every day to see results. We all like to indulge once in a while. The key is not to feel guilty when you do; think of it as a reward for your commitment.


A ‘new you’ starts with taking steps toward a better fitness routine and healthier eating habits. Whether you are committed to new running or yoga goals or adding more vegetables to your diet, it is possible to keep good habits all-year-round through commitment and the above tips.

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!