How to Stay Motivated with Your Fitness Routine During the Holidays

How to Stay Motivated with Your Fitness Routine During the Holidays

Staying motivated and keeping a workout routine during the holidays can be difficult. Making time for runs or walks might take a backseat to festive distractions like parties, shopping, and out-of-town guests. Also, during the holidays, the physical environment is less welcoming to outdoor exercises like running and biking. The days are shorter so there is less light; and if you have a tight schedule, you’ll need to adjust to running in the dark. Furthermore, most of the U.S. is cold during the holidays, and although you can manage running in the cold, getting out in freezing climates can still be challenging.

Exercising is more difficult with the added distractions of the holidays. But, by neglecting your fitness routine and only eating, shopping, and relaxing with family and friends, you may regret it. Come January you may be one of the thousands of people cramming in extra workouts as New Year’s resolutions to lose the holiday pounds. But starting spontaneous gym memberships and workout routines usually do not last (gyms start emptying come late February). However, consistency works. That is why staying on track with your fitness routine during the holidays is important, and the below tips may help you do that.

Get an Accountability Partner/Workout Buddy
Get someone to check in on you and your fitness routine. Better yet, find a friend to work out with you. Working out with a fitness buddy can motivate you to work out more. Also, it is said that working out with someone more fit than you increases workout time and intensity. However, any workout buddy will do. You will be more likely to work out knowing that someone depends on you.

Wear Great Workout Gear
Buy nice workout clothes that you like and lay them out beforehand; having visual cues to work out always motivates the mind. Furthermore, there are so many cute leggings nowadays for yoga and running that would look great with a stylish patterned SPIbelt to hold your items while you exercise.

Having clothes that excite you to put on and show off will encourage you to wear them. And guess what happens when you put on your workout clothes? You just might open the door, walk through it, and exercise!

Plan Ahead but Be Flexible
Know your fitness goals for the holiday season then plan. Planning ahead is especially essential for those traveling during the holidays. Pack dumbbells or other small work out tools so that you can work out during trips.

Also, having a set workout time is usually best, but during the holiday season anything can come up. So, be flexible with time and working out in general as workouts may have to morph during the holidays. For example, you may have to exercise indoors on a stationary bike or treadmill during harsh weather.

If carving a block of time to exercise does not work, you can incorporate mini-workouts into your day. Get in where you fit in. What matters is that you are exercising.

Reward Yourself
Have something enjoyable (like that slice of rum cake) to look forward to post-workout. You can also reward yourself by switching up your routine and instead of your usual, find a more fun workout for the holidays. Furthermore, you can blend in exercise with activities you enjoy (for example, while shopping park as far as possible to burn more calories).

The holidays can distract you from exercising for many reasons, but make keeping on track with your fitness easier by using the above tips. Your body will thank you for it in the new year.

Happy Holidays!