On-The-Go Must Have For All Your Summer Adventures

Photo by: @christian_tx

While venturing out and taking part in summer adventures, don’t forget your SPIbelt!

Before leaving the house, go through your mental checklist:

  • Mask
  • Phone
  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Hand sanitizer

The problem we tend to run into is where to store it all. Strap on your SPIbelt (small personal item belt) and begin your adventures.

Go on an early morning trail run with your Performance Series SPIbelt. Its weather-resistant pocket is perfect for a long, sweaty trek. There are also 4 energy gel loops to hold your nutrition, so you can fuel up. Bring your SPI H2O Companion along too, to stay hydrated!

Nowhere to leave your stuff at the tennis courts? Instead of leaving your phone and keys in the blazing hot sun, keep those items in your SPIbelt. They will stay safe from the elements and tennis balls!

Hike over to your favorite watering hole with the SPI Messenger Bag. This bag can fit your towel, snacks, sunscreen, phone, keys, and more. It’s comfortable and easy to carry more stuff and larger items.

Whether you are going on a neighborhood bike ride or a longer tour de (whatever city you live in), wear your SPIbelt. We recommend the Original or Large Pocket for a shorter ride, while long and sweaty rides call for the Performance Series.

If you really need to bring your phone and belongings with you while kayaking, canoeing or paddle boarding, we suggest placing items in our Waterproof aLOKSAK. This is a sturdy plastic pouch that fits easily inside a SPIbelt and works to keep your items safe, dry, and clean.

Anyone else tending to their summer garden or beautifying their yard with a little upkeep? Keep your SPIbelt with your phone, gardening gloves, and SPI H2O Companion nearby while working in the hot summer sun.

Ready to rollerblade?! Go hands-free on your skates or blades with the SPI Messenger Bag or any of our SPIbelts. They are the perfect way to move around and not worry about your stuff getting in the way.

Happy adventuring!