Q+A With SPIbelt’s Founder & CEO, Kim Overton

This year is SPIbelt’s 10th year in business! All year long we’re celebrating this milestone by giving back to you, our customers, as a way of saying thank you for your support. If you haven’t already applied for our #SPIFORWARD program, go do it now! We’re giving away free SPIbelts to active living groups across the country all year long. Plus, on the 10th of each month we’re sharing behind-the-scenes peeks of the company so you can get to know more about the SPIbelt brand.

This month we figured what better way to get to know more about the company than to meet our founder and CEO, Kim Overton. Kim created the first ever SPIbelt in her Austin apartment back in 2006 after she went for a run and had nowhere to put her key except inside her bra top. After months of prototyping and filing the necessary patents and trademarks, Kim officially launched SPIbelt out of her apartment in February of 2007. Ten years later, SPIbelt has expanded to a much larger office and has a full team of dedicated employees working to make the brand even better. We thought it would be fun to do a Q+A with Kim so you could get to know more about her. Check it out below and try not to get too jealous that we have such a cool boss!

What motivates you to live an active lifestyle?

Mental and physical health. Running my business now as a mom of three kids, I find it more important than ever to have my mental health in check. I like to come home and be 100% focused on my family. Keeping active allows me to find relief to the pressures that can come with running my business.

My favorite way to stay active is:

Riding my bike to work, after work, or on weekends. I also like going for a run after work, but if I don’t have much free time I’ll put on my running shoes and take the kids to the park. They’ll ride their bikes while I run behind them, pushing the baby in the jogger stroller.

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning:

When I wake up I take a moment to give thanks for a good night’s sleep and for life in general. I also reflect with gratitude in my heart on all of the positive things in my life and on the wonderful day ahead. I take a few extra deep breaths, then I start my day.

The last thing I do before I go to bed:

I meditate for 10 minutes each night before bed with the Insight Timer app.

The one wellness trend you’ll never see me try:

Diets. There are too many diet trends to keep up with! I eat what my body burns and what it needs to stay active on a consistent level. I don’t count calories and I don’t own a scale. Food and weight don’t dictate my health. My mind and body guide what I eat based on its needs for the activities I engage in.

How I stay active with three young children:

Staying active with kids is easy! Fitness doesn’t have to happen in a gym, group fitness class, or on the trail. When I take my kids to the park I throw on running shoes and run with them while they ride their bikes. I’ll play catch with them and do what I can to keep up. We also live on a steep hill so when we head home we like to see who can get up the hill first (the kids on their bikes and me on foot). I occasionally win!

My most memorable sweaty moment:

Riding my single gear bike to work for the first time! I rode in prep for Austin’s Bike To Work Day and it felt great! I rode my single gear bike versus my geared bike to see what it would feel like. It was exhilarating and challenging in a good way.

My go-to workout outfit:

You’ll usually see me in knee length leggings with a SPIbelt shirt on or a basic dri-fit material top. I used to wear midriff type tops, but those days are over—ha! If I’m running I’ll wear a pair of crazy color Asics or Sauconys. If I’m not running, but doing calisthenics or weights, I’ll wear my black Pumas.

My go-to workout jam that pushes me a little harder:

Anything house! 125 beats per minute is what I’ll stream.

My favorite healthy snack:

I love seaweed! I’m so addicted to this lately. My other go-to snack is unsalted, roasted nuts.

My favorite easy-to-prepare healthy meal:

A white fish (cod, tilapia, etc.) oven broiled in coconut milk, served with salad and/or rice. My family loves this one!

My favorite indulgence:

Baileys Irish Cream! I try to keep alcohol, sugar and dairy consumption to an absolute minimum, but this insanely rich adult beverage is so good that I’ll indulge from time to time (especially when the weather is cooler). Chocolate flourless cake is, of course, also on my list.

My favorite fitness/wellness Instagram account to follow:

I love following our brand ambassadors! They’re such a diverse group of amazing individuals that keep me inspired.

My favorite vacation spot:

Maui! My husband and I eloped to Maui along with our kids who participated in the ceremony. Hawaii has always been a magical place for me and my family.

How I stay active on vacation:

It’s easy! We tend to spend little time in our hotel room and lots of time exploring the island or playing in the water. I never feel I need to “workout” while on vacation, it just happens naturally. My family and I stay active and we eat healthy foodit’s the perfect combo.

The most surprising way I’ve used/worn a SPIbelt:

I’ll sometimes wrap a SPIbelt around the handles of my baby’s jogger stroller with his snacks and a toy inside.