SPIbelt Gift Guide for Frequent Travelers

We all know at least one: the friend who always seems to be packing for a trip; the sibling who seems to spend more time in hotels than in their apartment. What to give the person who’s always traveling somewhere or planning their next trip? Read on for our suggestions on gifts the traveler in your life will be excited to bring on their next adventure.

SPI Crossbody: A comfortable way to carry daily essentials while keeping them accessible and secure. The SPI Crossbody is compact but large enough to store a phone, keys, cash, ID, and other small items, including a passport and vaccination card! And a bonus: it doubles as a traditional running SPIbelt when wrapped twice around the waist! Check out the SPI Crossbody PRO for a thicker elastic band and buckle. GIFT TIP: stuff some airline gift cards inside, a fun keychain or even a small travel wallet.

Waterproof aLOKSAK: For the traveler who enjoys hiking around waterfalls, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, and obstacle course racing. This waterproof pouch keeps items like a phone and car keys dry and clean in wet, dusty, or dirty environments. It’s compatible with smartphone touchscreens and easily slips into a SPIbelt pocket.

Portable phone charger: We all rely heavily on smartphones for communication, directions, photos—even pulling up a boarding pass at the airport! A small, sleek phone charger ensures its recipient doesn’t run out of battery at the worst time. As a bonus, it can also be used to charge a smartwatch, e-reader, or camera. Plus, it fits nicely inside a SPIbelt ;) 

SPIbelt Dual Pocket Pro: When one SPIbelt pocket isn’t enough. This belt has two storage pockets, one Original size and one Large, to fit larger model smartphones and additional daily essentials for longer days out and about. If you’re looking for something smaller and slightly more discreet, check out the Double Pocket SPIbelt.

The Large-Pocket SPIbelt: An ideal gift for someone who carries a larger phone model and prefers it around their waist instead of across their body. The pocket of this SPIbelt expands to hold bigger phones, in addition to keys, ID, credit cards, and other items like headphones, a face mask (check out our pick here), or hand sanitizer. PRO TIP: you can add "pockets" to a dress and deter pickpockets while traveling by securing your SPIbelt to your upper thigh.

Travel pillow: It can be tough to get comfortable enough to snooze on a flight, but a cozy, well-made travel pillow can help. For the traveler who prefers to nap in transit, this can help ensure they arrive at their destination ready to explore.

SPI Solo-Pocket: For the friend who already has a SPIbelt but wants a little extra storage space. The Solo-Pocket has the same capacity as the original SPIbelt and slides directly on to turn it into a two-pocket belt. You can also slide the pocket onto any slender strap to add an immediate, accessible pocket to other bags and luggage. 

Diabetic SPIbelt: The perfect gift for friends and family with medical needs who is also always on the go. This belt is comfy enough for everyday wear and was designed to carry an insulin pump, as well as accommodate cords and tubing through a reinforced pass-through hole. Its pocket expands to pack additional supplies such as ID, blood glucose meters, test strips, syringes, and insulin vials or pens.

Reusable water bottle: Whether wandering around a new city or hiking up a mountain, hydration is key for staying healthy on the go. A reusable bottle helps travelers hydrate throughout the day and cuts down on the waste of single-use plastic.

Happy shopping, and may you and the travelers you love have an enjoyable holiday season—wherever it takes you!