What Does Your Favorite SPIbelt Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Favorite SPIbelt Say About Your Personality?

While running, biking, or out on the trails, you need a place to carry your personal items like your keys and cell phone. That makes fitness belts, especially Large Pocket SPIbelts, a useful accessory. Not only are SPIbelts practical, but they are also fashionable and in an array of styles and colors (like Tropics, Purple, and even Lime.) So there is a pattern or color for everyone.

According to experts, the styles and colors a person wears give hints into their personality. Specifically, certain colors have perceptions attached to them by society. For example, we often assign pink to women and girls and depending on the setting, red could signify alert or danger. It is no wonder that people pay attention to the colors they choose to wear every day. You can take the same consideration when picking out the right SPIbelt. Below we will go over the different colors and fashions of the Large Pocket SPIbelts and see what they might mean about your personality.

  • Black – In everyday wear, the color black is associated with elegance and formality. But black is also one of the most common colors because it goes with everything. Choosing a Black SPIbelt could say that you are traditional with your attire and prefer not to stand-out. Also, it could mean that you are practical; black belts match all your workout gear.
  • Anthracite – Anthracite or gray is often seen as a neutral color and tends not to evoke strong emotions. Choosing the Anthracite SPIbelt could mean that you are more on the intellectual side or that you want something to match almost everything, but have too much black. πŸ™‚
  • Hot Pink – The color pink is mostly associated with femininity. So a Hot Pink SPIbelt would most likely mean that you are a woman who loves to have fun and stand out.
  • Turquoise – The color turquoise is often associated with serenity and tranquility like a smooth sea. Choosing this color SPIbelt could mean that you are cool, calm, and collected.
  • Lime – The color lime is associated with high energy and freshness. If you choose the Lime green SPIbelt, it could mean that you are a lively and creative person.
  • Purple – The color purple is associated with royalty, and wearing the color purple might say that you like the more luxurious side of life and carry an air of dignity.

Now that you have a sense of the colors, let’s see what the SPIbelt patterns might say about your personality.

  • Rave – Rocking a Rave belt with its splashes of bright color says that nothing can stop you from having fun, not even a workout!
  • Stars and Stripes – This belt says you are patriotic and love to show pride in your country through your fashion sense.
  • Tropics – Wearing a Tropics belt means you enjoy trips to the beach. And you like to be reminded of the ocean breeze even while exercising.
  • Glacier – The wearer of this belt may have a classic, cool, but fashionable personality.
  • Raven – Choosing this belt could mean you are mysterious β€” but with a bit of pizazz.
  • Jewel – Donning this sparkly belt shows that you love to look great at all times.
  • Viper – The viper belt makes the statement that you like to stand out and walk on the wild side, just like the name!

Furthermore, SPIbelts come in plain black with colored zippers for those who want a belt that blends in, but has a splash of color to show-off some personality!

Now that you see there are SPIbelt patterns and colors to fit anyone’s personality, choose the one that best suits you!