Which New SPIbelt Color Matches Your Personality?

Which new SPIbelt Color Matches Your Personality?

We’ve added some bright new colors to our line! Which of our 8 new SPIbelt colors do you like? As the beautiful spring weather arrives, you’ll need a new belt for your trail runs, bike rides and hikes. You can carry your personal items, like your keys and cell phone, in a Large Pocket SPIbelt. We have a fresh new color for everyone!

The experts say that your favorite color may be associated to a number of personality traits, motivation, and productivity levels in your life. The colors that a person chooses to wear also give others insight into their personality and can help shape perceptions as well. The color SPIbelt you choose to wear is probably a reflection of how you’re feeling that day. Below we talk about the different colors of Large Pocket SPIbelts and see what that might mean about your personality.

  • Fuchsia – Fuchsia means you are a unique and fun-loving person, with a lovable and romantic side. This color translates to a confident and inspirational personality, blending two powerful colors, red and purple, together. Choosing a Fuchsia SPIbelt could say that you are a charming and playful individual.
  • Chili Pepper Red – This brighter shade of red says you are quite bold, passionate, and full of energy. The color red is mostly associated with action. Choosing the Chili Pepper Red SPIbelt could mean that you crave excitement, adventure and are a thrill-seeker.
  • Cloudy Grey – This neutral colored SPIbelt means you’re a calm being. Balance in life and living in a calm environment are important to you. You may have a composed, reliable, and self-sufficient personality.
  • Eggplant – Eggplant is a color that’s often associated with intuition and spirituality. This color also represents good judgement and vision, meaning you are a compassionate person who feels deeply. Choosing this color SPIbelt could mean that you are a good judge of character, and a visionary with a great need to participate in humanitarian issues
  • Kelly Green – Kelly Green is associated with energy and freshness. If you chose this color SPIbelt, it could mean that you’re a peaceful person who also craves growth. You’re probably down to earth, honest and affectionate, and enjoy spending time outdoors.
  • Mustard – Part of the yellow family, Mustard symbolizes diversity and optimism. This means you’re an overall happy person, who loves to inspire others and love sharing your knowledge with others.
  • Royal Blue – A dependable and “royal” shade, Royal Blue is a popular color way. It represents a deep need for inner peace, as well as truth. you most likely choose to live your life in harmony and respect stability. Choosing a Royal Blue SPIbelt could mean you crave a something soothing and refreshing to add to your outfit.
  • Mandarin Orange – This brilliant shade of orange screams confidence and cheerfulness. Mandarin Orange lovers may be particularly social and desire human companionship. Choosing a Mandarin Orange SPIbelt may mean that you are friendly, enthusiastic, and extroverted.

Now that we’ve gone over each new color option, which do you thin best fits your personality?