Wired Headphones VS. Wireless Headphones: What you need to know


Nothing gets you going for a run better than a well-cultivated playlist. Great music during a run can motivate you and keep your energy high. Also, running to music makes a run more enjoyable and, for many, can enhance performance. 

During a run, and usually, as you get into the groove and hit your stride, your arms swing in rhythm until they get trapped in something - your headphone wires. That is when you realize it may finally be time to get new headphones. Though you've had your wired headphones for so long, and generally, they suit you just fine, it's time now to run unencumbered. It’s time to look at wireless headphones.

However, both headphones have advantages and disadvantages. So which is better: wireless or wired headphones? Let's compare them below. 


Both wired and wireless headphones check 'yes' for portability because both are easy to carry along and use during runs. Running accessories like running armbands can hold your phone, but running belts like a SPIbelt can carry your phone, headphones, and other items. For example, a SPIbelt like The Original SPIbelt or the Large Pocket SPIbelt keeps smartphones secured to your body while easily carrying your headphones and other necessities. Trying to decide between an Armband or Fitness belt? We have you covered! Read more

Benefits of Wired Headphones

Lower price but higher sound quality

Depending on the brand both types of headphones come in a range of prices, but usually wired headphones are less expensive. 

Also, wired headphones often are reported as having better sound quality, but newer technology makes the difference unnoticeable to an untrained ear. 

Battery life

Wired headphones don't contribute to battery drainage. This matters in general but especially for long runs. Plus, wired headphones are always ready to use and do not need to be recharged or charged up to work. Wireless headphones, on the other hand, frequently need to be recharged. 

Benefits of Wireless Headphones

No "strings" attached 

Wireless headphones, like non-wireless headphones, are easy to carry. However, if you don't want wires getting caught in your arms or flapping in the wind, then wireless headphones are, obviously, the better choice while running

Also, since wireless headphones have no cords, they can be separate from your smartphone (within a certain range). Your phone can stay in a pocket or a Running Belt with Window that lets you access it (to skip over commercials in podcasts or to your favorite song) without pulling it out. 


Wired headphones have a few more advantages than wireless headphones, but the advantage of running unobstructed, an advantage provided by wireless headphones, far outweighs the benefits of wired headphones. Wireless headphones bring with them a sense of freedom and are the better option for active runners. However, if you still prefer wired headphones, check out the SPIbelt Flex that has a hole for the headphone cord to pass through. 

Regardless of which type of headphones you choose, you will need a running accessory, like a SPIbelt, to hold them, your phone, and other personal items. So make that playlist, grab your headphones (and SPIbelt), and enjoy the run!