SPIbelt Workouts and Activities

SPIbelt Workouts and Activities

Have a SPIbelt or thinking about getting one? You may not realize there are so many ways to use a SPIbelt.

When COVID-19 first hit – though some brave souls never stopped going to gyms – the majority took precautions and limited workouts to the living room, garage, or even the backyard. But, the pandemic remains, and society has adjusted. Now, we are stepping out, socializing, and getting back to our workout routines while rediscovering nature. More people are taking advantage of the great outdoors, and for health reasons, many traditional exercises are transitioning to outside venues – increasing the need for running belts. Use your SPIbelt as a piece of workout equipment, like a resistance band, or use for various types of physical activity.

Outer thigh burn
This is a resistance exercise with a SPIbelt that burns! No gym needed, just find some space inside or outside. Place your SPIbelt right above your knees and tighten, so you feel resistance. Balance on one leg and do 3 lateral pulses, then extend to a front raise. Repeat 3 times on one side, and then switch to balance on the other leg and start over.

SPIbelt sundial
This upper body move will help tone your delts, biceps and core. Get into a plank position with the palms of your hands on the ground. Position your SPIbelt above your wrists, and adjust so there is resistance. Start all the way to one side, and then slowly move to the other side by inching your wrists and hands that way. Do 5-10 reps in each direction x3.

SPIbelt lat flys
Stand upright and then get into a hinged-forward position. Unbuckle your SPIbelt and hold one end above your knee, and slowly pull the other end out. Hold at the top 3-5 secs for more intensity.

SPIbelt plank
Get into your plank position on the palms of your hands. Place your SPIbelt around your wrists, and lift opposite hand and foot out to sides as far as you can. Hold for 5 seconds and then switch. Left and right side equals 1, go for 5 reps.

SPIbelts can be used for more than just running. Obviously, you could use them for runs. But, you can also use your SPIbelt for bike rides and other workouts that may not have crossed your mind, like the ones below.

Nowadays, it’s safer to do yoga outdoors than inside. So when you’re going to yoga in the park carry your essentials in your SPIbelt. Then easily slip it off next to your mat when you’re ready to take your vinyasa.

Get out amongst the trees and take a hike. SPIbelts are great for hikes along scenic trails as they carry essentials including snacks and water for longer outings.

Grab your friends and play a casual game of volleyball. Since SPIbelts have no bounce you can feel comfortable making plays while having your essentials close at hand.

The same applies to tennis, so get on the court. The no-bounce belts mean you will barely notice your SPIbelt. Get a larger sized belt to hold an extra ball for those killer serves.

Furthermore, you can find plenty of activities at local parks. Fasten your running SPIbelt, grab your basics and head out to do park aerobics or a park workout. For example, you can find a bench and do park bench dips to target your triceps, shoulders, and core.

Take your workouts to the water.

While wearing your weather-resistant belt, you can head to the beach. Beaches are great places to work out and if you don’t mind sand in your shoes, do beach sprints; and while there, next paddleboard. If slower moving water is more of your speed, the weather-resistant SPIbelt, in addition to the aLoksak, can also be used for canoeing, rowing, and kayaking.

If you live near hills or mountains, your belt will come in handy for a variety of exercises. Your phone and keys won’t bounce around and fly out of your pockets when you use your SPIbelt for hill sprints, mountain biking, or rock climbing.

And as a bonus:

Grab your SPIbelt and head to an empty parking lot or stadium/recreational center. Since parks these days are so crowded, avoid the crowds by finding an empty lot to walk or run in. Also, if you can find a long curb there, mimic walking a tightrope to target calves and quads. Have an empty stadium nearby? No? Then think of another place where there are plenty of stairs and try a stair workout. Running stairs is one of the most effective cardio workouts known to burn fat quickly.

Now more than ever you can use your SPIbelt for more of your workout needs. So get your phone, keys, and SPIbelt and let the sun hit your face while working out at the park, the beach, or even a parking lot!