How quickly will I receive my order?

Orders are processed the business day after the order is placed.

USPS First Class (Free Shipping) – 3-7 Business Days
Priority Mail – 2-4 Business Days
Priority Mail Express – 1-2 Business Days
UPS Ground – location dependent 3-7 days
UPS Second Day Air – 2 days after ship date

First-Class Mail International – 10 Business Days
Priority Mail International – 6-10 Business Days
Priority Mail Express International – 3-5 Business Days

Please note: SPIbelt™ is not responsible for delivery delays due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our reasonable control, such as delays due to severe weather, natural disasters or strikes.

Because we ship our products via independent carriers, we cannot guarantee delivery by these dates.

Free Shipping

Free shipping (USPS First Class) applies to all orders within the United States. You will select the free shipping option during check out. Orders are processed the business day after the order is placed (cutoff is 11:59pm CST). The Free Shipping option typically takes 5-7 days to arrive but may take longer.

Do you ship internationally?

We do ship to Canada. We have several different shipping options. Our least expensive option is USPS First Class International, which is typically around $10 USD depending on location. Not in Canada or the United States? Click here to find a retailer in your country.

Where is my tracking information?

You will receive tracking information through an email from – make sure to check your spam folder. If you do not receive tracking information please email with your order number for more information.

What is your return or exchange policy?

If within 30 days you are not entirely satisfied with your SPIbelt™ purchase, you may return it in new condition with the tags attached. Please return to the address listed below.  Enclose your packing slip with your order number, and provide instruction on whether you would like to return or exchange your purchase. We will refund the cost of the merchandise and tax only. All shipping charges are non-refundable. SPIbelt is not responsible for packages lost in transit.

Please address returns to:
8201 East Riverside Drive
Building 4, Suite 125
Austin TX, 78744

What is your warranty policy?

SPIbelt™ will warranty all products against defects in material or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Warranty claims are to be made through the Authorized SPIbelt dealer where purchased. If item was purchased at, contact us at for return authorization. Warranty is only valid with proof of purchase from authorized dealer or from The SPIbelt warranty does not cover any defects due to accidents, improper fit, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, the natural breakdown of colors and materials of extended time and use, rips, tears, holes, burns, pilling and shrinking. Alteration of SPIbelt products will void warranty.

Does SPIBelt bounce when full?

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How do I wear my SPIBelt?

Here are some suggestions on how to wear a SPIbelt™ for comfort, style, and best fit! Make sure the zipper is aligned in the center of the pocket instead of having the zipper at the top. Stack items from largest to smallest from bottom to top. The SPIbelt can be wore high or low on the hips. We find most people prefer lower on the hips (a few inches below the navel). Don’t forget to make sure that the elastic is snug!


Is SPIBelt washable?

Yes. Hand wash with a mild detergent and hang to dry.
Care concerns: machine washing and drying your SPIbelt™ may lead to fabric snags and broken plastic.

What size SPIBelt should I buy?

We offer three sizes of SPIbelts™.

  • The Kids’ SPIbelt fits a child with a 18″–24″ waist size (all Kids’ SPIbelts come in Non-Logo elastic).
  • Adult SPIbelts fit a 24″–47″ waist size.
  • The SPIbelt Belt Extender™ extends your SPIbelt’s elastic by up to 12 inches. NOTE: The Belt Extender is not compatible with the Endurance Series SPIbelt™, the SPI H2O™ Venture Series, the Kids’ SPIbelt, and the SPI Messenger Bag™.

Can I attach a racing bib (number) to my SPIBelt? If so, which models?

Yes, a race number can be attached to all SPIbelts, but you will need to purchase a set of Race Bib Toggles that loop around the elastic of your SPIbelt™. The SPI H2O™ Venture Series and the SPIbelt™ Endurance Series are the only two products that come with Race Bib Toggles. How to use:

  • Squeeze plastic toggle and remove black cord.
  • Loop one end of cord around belt.
  • Insert one end of cord through hole on bib.
  • Squeeze toggle and insert both ends of cord into toggle hole.
  • Repeat on the other side.

Is SPIBelt sweat-proof or waterproof?

IMPORTANT: SPIbelt™ products are NOT waterproof. Items may be exposed to moisture. We recommend the use of a waterproof aLokSak® resealable bag if using with electronics or other small personal items that must remain dry.

Are SPIBelts reflective?

The Reflective SPIbelt™ has a reflective pocket and elastic for 360° reflectivity. The SPI H2O™ Venture Series and SPIbelt™ Endurance Series both have reflective accents.

Does the SPIBand have a zipper?

The SPIband™ does not have a zipper. Instead, its unique design keeps your items in place. Simply lift the first fold and place your belongings in the second fold. When it closes, it creates a folded pocket to keep your stuff safe and sound.

Will SPIBelt hold my smart phone?

  • iPhone 8, 7, 6S, 5s, 5: Original SPIbelt, Large Pocket SPIbelt, SPIbelt Performance Series, SPIbelt Endurance Series, SPI H2O Venture Series
  • iPhone® X and 8 Plus: Large Pocket SPIbelt, SPIbelt Performance Series, SPI H2O Venture Series
  • Samsung Galaxy S4, S3: Original SPIbelt, Large Pocket SPIbelt, SPIbelt Performance Series, SPIbelt Endurance Series, SPI H2O Venture Series
  • Samsung Galaxy S8, S6, S5: Large Pocket SPIbelt, SPIbelt Performance Series, SPI H2O Venture Series
  • Samsung Note 4, Note 3, Note 2: Large Pocket SPIbelt, SPIbelt Performance Series, SPI H2O Venture Series
  • HTC One M7, One S, One X: Original SPIbelt, Large Pocket SPIbelt, SPIbelt Performance Series, SPIbelt Endurance Series, SPI H2O Venture Series
  • HTC One M8, Motorola Moto X, LG G4: Large Pocket SPIbelt, SPIbelt Performance Series, SPI H2O Venture Series
  • Nexus 5: Original SPIbelt, Large Pocket SPIbelt, SPIbelt Performance Series, SPIbelt Endurance Series, SPI H2O Venture Series
  • Sony Xperia Z3, Nokia Lumia: Large Pocket SPIbelt, SPIbelt Performance Series, SPI H2O Venture Series

How do I wash my water bottle?

The SPI H2O Companion 6oz bottle and the SPI H2O Venture Series 8oz bottles are dishwasher safe on the top rack.

What is the different between the SPI H2O companion bottles and the venture series bottles?

The SPI H2O Companion bottle (6 oz) is compatible with all of our belts and is meant to be an easy add-on for the more casual runner who needs less water. The SPI H2O Venture Series hydration belt was specifically designed with 2” elastic to support the bigger, 8oz bottles.

Does a kids’ SPIBELT fit an insulin pump and a CGM?

The best belt for an insulin pump and a CGM would be the Kids’ Double-Pocket SPIbelt™.  You can put the pump in the larger pocket and the CGM in the smaller pocket.

Can I use an original SPIBELT for a CGM?

Many of our customers with Type 1 Diabetes use the Original SPIbelt. While it doesn’t have the pass through hole in the back, you can feed the tubing through the front where the zipper ends. You won’t have to have to disconnect the infusion set connector from the device.

Will two epipens fit into a SPIBELT?

We suggest the Original SPIbelt™ when carrying two EpiPens®.

Does the SPIBand hold an asthma inhaler?

Yes! The SPIBand™ will hold a standard Albuterol Asthma Inhaler.

Can I still listen to music on my phone when it is in the SPIBelt? Is there an opening for the cord?

Yes, you can still listen to music when your phone is in your belt.  You have two options. The Diabetic SPIbelt™ has a pass through hole securely sewn in the back of the pocket through which you can feed your headphone cord. However, many of our customers buy the Original SPIbelt and feed let the headphone cord through the end of the pocket without fully pulling the zipper closed.

Does Bluetooth work with my SPIBELT?

Yes. Bluetooth headphones are compatible with SPIbelts and have no issues with connectivity while running.

What currency is the site in?

All dollar amounts on our website are presented in US currency. If you are ordering with a Canadian credit card on our website, the charges to your credit card will reflect the current exchange rate from CAD to USD. Please note: Your bank may charge you an additional international transaction fee for these orders. For more information, please check with the bank that issued your credit card.

When will you charge my credit card?

Your credit card won’t be charged until your order is shipped. We’ll send you an e-mail to notify you when your order has been shipped and we’ve charged your credit card.

What is your privacy policy?

We value your privacy. Learn more about our privacy policy.

Is ordering on the SPIBelt website secure?

Yes. We’ve taken several steps to ensure all information received from our online visitors is secure from unauthorized access and use. All transactions are completed on a secure server. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is used for every transaction to encrypt the transmissions from our ecommerce servers as well as your computer. SSL encryption works by forming a matched pair, so that your computer and our server send data back and forth in an encrypted format.

Will SPIBelt sponsor my team/event/cause/fundraiser?

Please send detailed information about the requested sponsorship to We review each opportunity on a case-by-case basis. While we are not able to sponsor every suggested event, we do appreciate your consideration.

How can I get updates on new products and promotions?

You can sign up for our email list to get updates on new products, sales, events and other special announcements.