8 Unique Ways to Gift SPIbelt (Not Just For Runners!)


Runners, walkers, and cyclists love SPIbelt to hold their phone, keys, ID, cash, and other essentials while staying active. While our products are often used during exercise, SPIbelt has many other uses outside of fitness. This holiday season, there are creative ways to gift SPIbelt to your friends who are avid gardeners, travelers, concert-goers, hikers, nurses, and more!


Here, we share our ideas for gifting SPIbelt to friends and family with all kinds of hobbies:


For the person who loves spending weekends in the woods: The Double-Pocket SPIbelt has two separate and expandable pockets for hikers to store snacks, gels, chews, and other nutrition. It also has space for other essentials like phone, money, ID, and maybe a small sunscreen. GIFT TIP: Wrap this with their favorite hiking snack.


For the person planning their spring concert lineup: When you’re dancing at concerts and music festivals, you don’t want to worry about a bag getting stolen or items falling out of pockets. Also, most stadium or festival approved bags have to be clear. Our products adhere to most event specifications, so you can pack your things worry free (and no one can see what you're carrying around). Our Original and Large Pocket SPIbelt is discreet, lightweight, and easily stores a phone, keys, credit cards, and ID under or over your clothes. Our SPI Crossbody is also perfect to keep what you need at your fingertips. It holds a bit more with a larger pouch than the original or large pocket all while keeping you hands-free to dance, clap or hold food and drinks. GIFT TIP: Gift a SPIbelt with a pair of concert or game tickets inside!


For the person growing a vegetable garden: SPIbelt can hold a phone, keys, and other essentials so gardeners can remain hands-free while tending to their plants. The Large Pocket SPIbelt has a larger expandable pocket to fit more items or a larger phone. GIFT TIP: Add a few packets of seeds for them to plant this spring. 


For the person always on a training plan: You can’t hold weights if you’re also holding a phone! If you’re shopping for an avid gym-goer this holiday season, consider the Transparent Mesh SPIbelt for an accessory that will let them check their messages without interrupting their workout. GIFT TIP: Wrap it up with a water bottle they can bring to their next gym session. 


For the person dreaming of a European getaway: Savvy travelers know it’s a good idea to securely carry their essentials while exploring a new city. The SPI Crossbody is an easy and comfortable way to hold a phone, keys, cash, ID, and smaller items while out and about. GIFT TIP: add some travel-sized sunscreen and lotions they can bring on their next adventure. 


For the person who just bought a stand-up paddleboard: Or the friend who loves to sail, or who lives by the water. A SPIbelt can hold their belongings while they paddle, and the waterproof aLOKSAK can ensure the important ones like phone and car keys stay dry. GIFT TIP: surprise them with both!


For kids who love to play and get dirty: Kids sometimes need to carry things with them, too, but it can be hard for them to keep track of a bag or anything that isn't actually attached to them. Our Kids' Play-Proof SPIbelt is tough and can survive the most active child while securely holding everything they need! GIFT TIP: Include their favorite snacks or candy inside!


For the person who works on their feet: Doctors, nurses, hostesses, postal workers, and bartenders are among the many, many professionals who are always on their feet. A SPIbelt can securely hold their daily essentials while they’re working so their belongings are easily accessible. GIFT TIP: Include something for post work relaxation, like their favorite scented candle or bath bomb!


And that’s just the beginning—there are lots of ways you can get creative with SPIbelt! Happy holidays, and wishing you a year of adventure ahead.