Under $30 Gifts for the Runner

Under $30 Gifts for Runners

Select a great holiday gift for any type of runner that won’t break the bank.

  1. Original SPIbelt $22.99 – Our OG belt. Carry your must-haves with you on your run!
  2. Large Pocket SPIbelt $24.99 – Take even more stuff on your run in a large pocket SPIbelt.
  3. SPIbeams LED Hat $29.99 – Crucial for early morning or evening runs, especially now with Daylight Savings.
  4. SPIbeams LED Visor $29.99 – Another option for early morning or evening runs to stay safe in the dark.
  5. Performance Series SPIbelt $25.99 – For the person who loves running, the large and weather-resistant pocket protects personal items from sweat. This will be their new favorite running accessory.
  6. SPIbeams LED Reactors $14.99 – An easy way to be seen in the dark. Just lace into your shoelaces and run with peace of mind.
  7. SPI H2O Companion $9.99 – Never stop for a water fountain again! Just clip your Companion onto any SPIbelt and start your long run.
  8. SPIbelt Pro $27.99 – From our newest collection of belts, the SPIbelt Pro provides a roomier pocket and a wide 1.5″ elastic band. Built to stay with you for many miles and adventures.
  9. Performance Pro $29.99 – Great for trail running– 4 gel loops to carry fuel and a large weather-proof pocket to keep items safe from sweat.
  10. Double Pocket SPIbelt $29.99 – For the person that likes to take stuff in and out of their belt while running. Use one pocket for your small personal items you don’t need while running, and the other pocket for your phone.
  11. Running Belt with Window $29.99 – For the runner who loves to quickly respond to texts, and changes the song. Never take your phone out again with this touchscreen-compatible screen.