It’s All in the Mind: How to Trick Yourself into Working Out Even When You Don’t Want To
It’s true, even the greatest athletes occasionally have days when working out is the last thing they want to do, and who can blame them? It’s time consuming and hard work! However, no progress was ever made by giving in...
How To Become A Morning Runner
  Are you thinking of becoming a morning runner? It makes sense because running in the morning comes with benefits. For example, morning runs check running off the to-do list, first-thing and also provide a way to start the day...
Running As A Family
Running is your passion and probably a daily part of your life, so why not make running a family affair? Why run as a family One of the benefits of running with the family is that it increases family time. ...
Triathlon Training For Beginners
Fewer activities test fortitude like a triathlon - a race consisting of swimming, biking, and running, typically done in that order, successively. The Iron Man, the most famous triathlon, features a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2-mile...
Tips On Running In The Rain
Rain or shine, runners love to run even when it's wet outside. Raindrops do not stop avid runners. In fact, some runners claim to run better in the rain. It is okay to run when it rains. However, take precautions...
Mindset Importance In Working Out
It’s true, even the greatest athletes occasionally have days when working out is the last thing they want to do, and who can blame them? It’s time consuming and hard work! However, no progress was ever made by giving in...
The Importance Of Stretching
You may be eager to start your run as soon as you step foot outside, but let’s take some steps back. After tuning into your favorite running playlist, getting water, and putting on your SPIbelt, the next step is stretching....
5 Best (Running) Shoes for People Who Over Pronate
Our feet are the foundations of our walk, and an unaligned gait can cause issues throughout the body. Take, for example, over-pronation which occurs when the ankles and the rest of the feet roll inward while walking or running. Overpronation...
Why You Should Hydrate Before, During, And After Your Run
Our bodies are incredible. No matter if you’re running a marathon or relaxing watching a movie, our bodies are constantly regulating our internal temperature through breath, hormones, and even sweat.  Although we naturally lose fluid throughout the day whenever we...
A Buyer’s Guide To SPIbelts: Which Belt Is Right For You?
Whether you’re training for a 10K marathon, going for a hike through the mountains, or just running errands around town, a SPIbelt can be the perfect tool to carry your essentials safely and snugly.  But not all SPIbelts are made...
8 winter running tips: How to Prepare for Running in the Cold
As the winter months are in full swing, icy winds and blistering mornings lurk around, causing many activities to come to a halt due to the undesirable temperature - but that doesn’t have to be the case when it comes...
How to Safely and Successfully Run in the Dark
Running in the dark can bring enhanced relaxation and tranquility - the cooler weather, the setting sun, and the peace of mind of having successfully completed yet another day. There’s a sense of ease you simply cannot find in the...
8 Unique Ways to Gift SPIbelt (Not Just For Runners!)
While our products are often used during exercise, SPIbelt has many other uses outside of fitness. This holiday season, we describe how the gift of SPIbelt can make life easier for friends, kids, mom, dad or even your grandma.
SPIbelt Gift Guide For Loved Ones With T1D
Trying to find a thoughtful gift to give to someone with diabetes? It can be hard. T1D can be mentally fatiguing for your loved ones, so giving them a gift that can make their daily life just a bit easier may brighten their day. Here are a few ideas.
SPIbelt Gift Guide for Frequent Travelers
What to give the person who’s always traveling somewhere or planning their next trip? Read on for our suggestions on gifts the traveler in your life will be excited to bring on their next adventure.
SPIbelt Gift Guide For Fitness Lovers
Whether you’re gifting to a runner, yogi, cyclist, weightlifter or hiker, here is a list of gift ideas they’re sure to use for workouts all year round!
Use These Excuses To Sneak In Some Exercise This Thanksgiving
Even if you failed (again) to convince your family to run the local Turkey Trot, we've provided many other excuses to squeeze in a workout amid the potato-mashing, cookie-baking, and turkey-stuffing. You're welcome.
Running with Type 1 Diabetes: Newly Diagnosed

On Feb 23, 2017, Ashley’s life changed forever. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 28 after going into severe Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA). Since her diagnosis, Ashley has gone on to run 10Ks, and is currently training for her first half marathon. Read more about her inspiring story! 

Supporting Diabetes Awareness Month
Why Diabetes Awareness Month? What is T1D? Why is SPIbelt involved? Read to learn more about T1D and how you can help spread awareness, too!
Your Post-Race Recovery To Do List
Whether you’ve run your first 5k or your fifth marathon, what you do after a race is just as important as the training miles leading up to it. While exact recovery will vary depending on the mileage and intensity of your race, here are a few general tips you should follow to make sure you rebuild safely.
5 Running Safety Tips for Solo Miles
Safety precautions don't guarantee a safe run, but they do give people confidence to continue getting out there and doing what they love. To increase runner safety awareness, here are some easy and realistic safety tips to avoid risk while running alone.