Use These Excuses To Sneak In Some Exercise This Thanksgiving
Even if you failed (again) to convince your family to run the local Turkey Trot, we've provided many other excuses to squeeze in a workout amid the potato-mashing, cookie-baking, and turkey-stuffing. You're welcome.
Running with Type 1 Diabetes: Newly Diagnosed

On Feb 23, 2017, Ashley’s life changed forever. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 28 after going into severe Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA). Since her diagnosis, Ashley has gone on to run 10Ks, and is currently training for her first half marathon. Read more about her inspiring story! 

Supporting Diabetes Awareness Month
Why Diabetes Awareness Month? What is T1D? Why is SPIbelt involved? Read to learn more about T1D and how you can help spread awareness, too!
Your Post-Race Recovery To Do List
Whether you’ve run your first 5k or your fifth marathon, what you do after a race is just as important as the training miles leading up to it. While exact recovery will vary depending on the mileage and intensity of your race, here are a few general tips you should follow to make sure you rebuild safely.
5 Running Safety Tips for Solo Miles
Safety precautions don't guarantee a safe run, but they do give people confidence to continue getting out there and doing what they love. To increase runner safety awareness, here are some easy and realistic safety tips to avoid risk while running alone.
How To Adhere To Stadium and Festival Bag Policies

Does your bag meet stadium specifications? Trying to understand if your bag will meet stadium or festival requirements is tough, try SPIbelt as a solution. 

Why It's Dangerous to Hold Your Phone On A Run
  Where do you keep your phone on a run? Do you stow it in your sports bra, or do you run with a waist belt or hydration vest? Or do you just hold it in your hand?   If...
5 Worst Things To Do on Race Day
Here are common runner slip-ups you might make in the week leading up to race day, or race day itself, that you should be careful to avoid.
Festival Season Checklist: Don’t Forget The Essentials
Here is a list of festival accessories and gear you’ll be glad you packed. Sure, some of these things may be obvious, but you don’t want to arrive and realize you forgot sunscreen! 
How Road Races Will Be A Little Different This Fall
  After a year of race cancellations, bib numbers arriving in the mail, and plotting our own local courses for virtual 5ks, half marathons, and marathons, runners will be hitting the streets again as road races return this fall. When...
4 Fun Cross-Training Activities to Try This Fall
  If you want to be a better runner, you need to run more miles … right?   Not necessarily, experts say. Cross-training, or spending time on exercises that benefit your running (or other primary sport), can help prevent injury...
A Beginner’s Guide to Running Accessories
  One of the many wonderful things about running is its simplicity. You only need a pair of shoes to get started, and with a decent road nearby, you can comfortably run to your heart’s content. No fancy equipment, no...
Your SPIbelt Power Color (According To Your Zodiac Sign)

Each zodiac sign has a certain power color to get their body moving. Read on to find out which SPIbelt matches your zodiac power color! 

6 Outdoor Activities to Try For Labor Day Weekend
Labor Day is normally a popular one for travel, but we understand many people are opting to stay local this year and celebrate with outdoor festivities closer to home. Here are 6 ideas to do just that.
6 Fitness Tips For The Active Traveler
  After months of cancelled travel plans and hanging at home, it’s exciting to see trips reappear on the calendar. As you prepare for your next getaway, you might wonder whether to pack exercise clothes and sneakers alongside your sandals...
How Hot Is Too Hot To Run?
Runners hit the pavement in all kinds of conditions year-round, from sunshine to downpours to chilly winter temps. While we all have our own idea of “perfect running weather,” most of us likely don’t look forward to the scorching heat....
10 Reasons You Know You're a Runner
10 Reasons You Know You're a Runner You Might be a Runner if… Runners are unique and love their sport; so much so that running becomes a lifestyle. For example, running shapes many aspects of a runner’s life like meal...
Wired Headphones VS. Wireless Headphones: What you need to know
  Nothing gets you going for a run better than a well-cultivated playlist. Great music during a run can motivate you and keep your energy high. Also, running to music makes a run more enjoyable and, for many, can enhance...
How to Choose the Right Fitness Belt for Your Needs 
We all have things we need to take with us while on the go – keys, phone, credit cards, ID, snacks, Chapstick... you get it. What’s not fun is having to carry around a big purse or wallet. Whether headed...
Trail Running with the Distance Pro
It's summertime, and that means it is time for summer fun and activities. You can go out on the water or stay on land, hike some new trails, or better yet, run some new trails. One of the best ways...
SPIbelt’s New Line of Pro Belts is Perfect for Your Next Adventure
What is the SPIbelt Pro Collection? SPIbelt running belts make running and other fitness activities more convenient by holding your small, personal items during exercise. SPIbelt’s range of products includes a line of Pro belts designed for high-performance activities. Each...