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SPIband features a convenient and secure pocket to carry your small essentials, such as your keys, ID, credit cards, and cash. Wear it on your wrist or ankle while running, cycling, dancing or roaming through a festival. Read more at
Video Review: PortaPocketGal
How to safely and comfortably keep your passport ON your body to avoid risk of theft or loss when you'„re away. Much more versatile than the nylon neck safes that can be susceptible to sweat bleed-through. Now you can eliminate...
Review: Running Diva Mom
Chances are, you’ve seen SPIbelt booths at your local running store or race expo. I’ve observed dozens of mad runners pulling them off of the shelves. And, why not?!?! They are both fashionable and functional. The SPIbelt is sleek, expandable,...
Video Review: SPIbelt at the 2012 Austin Marathon
In February 2012, SPIbelt gave a SPIband to every runner in the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon. Check out some video of the event!
Print Review: Women's Health
We were featured in Women’s Health May 2012 Edition!
Print Review: Kim Overton in Made
Kim Overton was featured in Made magazine. Check it out!
Video Review: KXAN talks to Kim Overton
SPIbelt: Workout hideout at KXAN 
Print Review: Shape Magazine
SPIbelt was featured in SHAPE Magazine in the December 2011 issue. Check it out below!