Running Belts

Running Belts


      SPIbelt is the best running belt for carrying your phone, keys, money and nutrition. Our stylish, lightweight running belts provide adjustable, bounce-free comfort keeping you hands-free and in the zone. SPIbelt’s patented designs include an expandable pocket for holding your small personal items securely and discreetly. 

      Whether you are walking, running, hiking, or racing in a marathon, SPIbelt keeps the items you need within reach.

      What Is a Running Belt?

      A SPIbelt running belt is the modern update and fitness remake of the 1980’s fanny pack. But instead of a being bulky waist pouch, a SPIbelt running belt is specially designed to carry your phone and other small personal items in a more comfortable, discreet and streamlined way. 

      Made with technical fabrics, durable buckles and specialty zippers, SPIbelt running belts allow you to be your best active self with bounce-free comfort. SPIbelt running belts can be adjusted using belt glides for the perfect fit. The patented pocket expands to 5 times its normal size to hold anything you may need on your run.

      SPIbelt is responsible for creating the category of running belts now known as the small personal item (SPI) running belt. With patents going back to 2006, SPIbelt is recognized as the original small personal item running belt and one of the leading running belt companies in the world.

      Our owner, Kim Overton, wanted to solve the problem of what to do with her small personal items while she was out running and exercising.  Her solution to this challenge was SPIbelt, and we’ve been the leader in running belts for over 14 years.  Read more about Kim’s amazing journey here.

      Running belts may also be referred to as running waist packs, running pouches, phone carriers, etc. The goal of the SPIbelt running belt is to carry your phone, keys, money and nutrition in such an ergonomic way that you never have to worry about those items while exercising. SPIbelt keeps everything you need within reach while also keeping you safe and secure.

      SPIbelt running belts are commonly used while training for running events such as 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons, marathons, and ultra-marathons. We even have a special category of Marathon Running Belts for more serious runners and competitors. SPIbelt is the trusted companion you need when you are out on a run, walk, hike or just running errands around town.

      Many people race in running events with SPIbelt running belts because they need a way to carry their nutrition and hydration with them on the course. Runners love to use the sleek, expandable pocket to store energy gels and energy bars while using SPIbelt Hydration bottles that clip to the belt.

      SPIbelt is the best way to carry your personal items while staying safe, comfortable and hands-free. 

      How Can a Running Belt Help Me?  What are the Benefits?

      The SPIbelt running belt can help you by keeping the items you depend on most  within reach if you need them. Our patented designs hold your phone, keys, money and nutrition without bouncing or shifting around.  

      For example, if you ever need to make an emergency call while out on a run, SPIbelt carries your phone and keeps it within arms reach.  Same goes for hydration and nutrition. If you are out on a long run or in the middle of a marathon and need a sip of energy drink or an energy gel, SPIbelt has what you need. 

      SPIbelt's ergonomic and lightweight belts keep you running and exercising hands-free.  Our technical, wicking fabrics keep your phone and other items nice and dry with no moisture.  Not to mention, our fabulous colors and patterns give you that extra boost.

      A lot of runners are turning to fitness apps like Fitbit and Strava for exercise and mileage tracking which means you need a convenient way to carry your phone.  SPIbelt takes care of this need.

      Another benefit is that the SPIbelt running belt stays in place and does not bounce or move around. Our belts are designed to contour to your body without being a distraction.

      All in all, SPIbelt carries the personal items you rely on most in such a comfortable, discreet way that you forget they are even there.

      How do I Select a Running Belt?  What Features Do I Need? 

      Since 2006, our goal has been to create the best running belts on the market.  Here are few of the most import features to consider when selecting a running belt:

      Expandable Pocket

      All SPIbelts have an expandable pocket that allows our pocket to shrink or grow with the size of your contents. Have you seen our Peeps Challenge? This important design feature allows items to be held snuggly and discreetly. 

      SPIbelt is the best way to carry your phone, keys, money and nutrition. SPIbelt can carry any size phone of any screen size. The zipper pocket makes access to your small personal items a breeze. SPIbelt fits your mobile phone including Android phones, iPhone, small phone, large phone. SPIbelt fits them all.


      Our belts are perfectly designed so your phone and other items do not bounce around while you run. Specially designed architecture and materials create a comfortable, customizable snug fit.

      Adjustable Belt

      All SPIbelt running belts have adjustable glides that allow you to custom-fit your belt to your specific waist size. SPIbelts are designed for an adjustable fit. One size fits most.

      Lightweight Technical Fabrics

      SPIbelt uses the highest quality technical fabrics and elastics to keep your personal items moisture free and secure.

      Durable Buckles, Zippers and Glides

      SPIbelt uses the most durable buckles, zippers, and glides to ensure your valuables stay securely in the pocket regardless of what type of fitness activity you are engaged in.

      Great Colors and Designs

      SPIbelt has a dedicated design team to keep our belts looking fresh and on trend. We release seasonal color palettes and regularly launch new styles to keep you looking good on the run.


      SPIbelts can also be used to carry water while you exercise.  Just clip on one or more of our H2O Companion water bottles to keep you hydrated on your walks, runs or hikes!

      Made in USA

      Our most popular SPIbelts are made here in the USA at our manufacturing facility in Austin, TX. We warranty our running belts so you can rest assured of our quality. We regularly meet customers that still have belts from 10 years ago! 

      Why Should I Buy a SPIbelt Running Belt?

      SPIbelt provides the most comfortable way to carry your phone, keys, credit cards and nutrition. We are the original creator of the small personal item running belt and have engineered the best running belts that are stylish, lightweight and long-lasting.

      We are a woman-owned business based in Austin, TX, USA. We’ve been in business since 2006 and all of our top-selling products are still made right here in Austin, TX.

      Our belts are fully adjustable so you will get the perfect, no-bounce fit with SPIbelt.  We use high-quality fabrics, buckles, glides and elastic to bring you the best running belts on the market. 

      SPIbelt running belts will help keep you comfortable, safe, secure and give you the freedom to be your best active self.

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